Monday, 3 August 2020

In the Political Arena, is Labrador back in his Conservative Shoes?

Published on July 1, 2015 by Bob "Nugie" Neugebauer

It appears from Congressman Raul Labrador’s recent votes that he is getting back in tune with his constituents after his misplaced vote for John Boehner as Speaker of the House. Our congressman from the first district has shown us some…

Pension Spiking Leads to Cronyism

Published on July 1, 2015 by Bob "Nugie" Neugebauer

MORE HOKUS POKUS AND LEGISLATIVE CHICANERY. Bill, Bill who’s got the bill is the game played by our untrustworthy legislators as taxpayers get saddled with even more pension obligations. In the past 3 months Governor Otter has made 4 appointments…

Idaho Freedom Foundation Sounds the Alarm

Published on July 1, 2015 by Wayne Hoffman

Idaho is under attack, and we are sounding the alarm. I thought long and hard this weekend about how I would tell you this, but there’s no other way to say it: the progressives are coming for Idaho.

Stung by the Court! Is there still Hope?

Published on July 1, 2015 by Bob "Nugie" Neugebauer

As another chapter ends in the long saga of Obamacare, we find ourselves faced with more decisions in our lives on how to handle our healthcare protection. With the rapidly rising insurance premiums and exchange fees, there are few places…

The Gray Ghost and TPP

Published on July 1, 2015 by Steven Neill

FUSAG, Comes to America Few acts of WWII deception were as effective as the First United States Army Group, aka FUSAG. Using inflatable tanks, planes, jeeps and bogus infrastructure build up that, from the air, looked like a huge army…

Only One Opinion Matters

Published on July 1, 2015 by Evalyn Bennett

Every day, media sources report poll results on moral topics such as same-sex marriage and abortion, trying to take America’s pulse on these issues. The media also frequently cover federal court rulings on abortion or marriage legislation the states have…

Simpson, Crapo, and Risch Are Part of the Problem

Published on July 1, 2015 by Rich Loudenback

I don’t care a whit about how well a U.S. senator or representative has done for a state, but when they vote the way these three did on the gift of the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to someone as devious…

An Answer to America’s “Racial Divide”: the Census

Published on July 1, 2015 by Tom Brennan

The first Census of the United States was in 1790. Census takers set about counting the population of the newly founded Nation under the Constitution. The information was to contain the names and ages of free males and free females,…

Welcome to the United Nations of Idaho Lobbyists!

Published on July 1, 2015 by Karen Schumacher

Well, here is something interesting that affects every citizen of Idaho. Lobbying is defined as “The process of influencing public and government policy at all levels: federal, state, and local.” A lobbyist is an individual who provides “local, state, and…

Idaho Property Rights Under Attack

Published on July 1, 2015 by Jan and Wayne Montano

Yes, Idaho is under attack from without and from within. Here in Gem County we are watching what took place in Payette County: the corruption of the county officials with the gas and oil industry.

A Semblance of Fairness, A Semblance of Truth

Published on July 1, 2015 by Steve Pugmire

For those who attended the special session of the Idaho legislature, this report will be a painful reminder of the proceedings. For others who are barely familiar with the event, it may serve as a point of information, lost in…