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Will There Be Justice? Is it too late for Change?

It was just a few short years ago that the battle to install a new Supreme Court justice was raging with all kinds of accusations. Do you remember how the scowling democrats of the judiciary committee walked Kavanaugh over the hot coals of guilt by accusation? This was nothing but a three-ring circus run by the many ringmasters of the Democratic Party for the purpose of killing this man’s nomination. Kavanaugh was asked to prove his innocence before accusers who had no corroboration to their accusations but were to be believed by jurors who had already determined that he was guilty of anything he was accused of. What we saw was a full-on attack by the left to stop the nomination of a man who had earned the right to be on the Supreme Court. This was a bold move by the left to cease more power by stopping this nomination. What will they do with Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination? More than likely she will be too Catholic for them.

Since that time we have been seeing attack after attack by our own elected officials in order to change our country to a more socialistic format. They have tried everything from a conspiracy with Russia to phony impeachment hearings to get rid of a duly elected president. We have seen the devastation that has been brought on our country by the introduction of the Covid19 virus by the Chinese to destroy our economy and our way of life. In our own state, we have seen our Governor declare an emergency that was never needed and make arbitrary decisions on which businesses were essential and which were not. He has allowed health districts to impose unnecessary requirements for everyone to wear masks when we don’t have any scientific evidence that they are effective or protective. Governor Little meetings planned on Covid 19 until next year. Is he planning to continue this emergency until 2021? We now have the mayors of our major cities taking away our constitutional rights of assembly while allowing BLM protesters to assemble without interruption.

Just this week we have had Moscow police arrest three residents who had assembled to sing praise to God. This my friends is the last straw and it is time for conservative Idahoans to take back control of their state from the political oligarchs who now infest it. The Mayors who were elected in Moscow and in Boise should be sent a message. We need to let them know with our votes that we are not going to allow them to change our state and our culture. We will not let them enforce rules that they appear to be making up as they go along with no scientific proof that what they are requiring works. Are we heading for a state of anarchy in the “Reddest of the Red states?” This is a transition that has been taking place for years as we have more people settle here from outside our state. They now make up 50% of Idaho’s current population and growing fast. Having diversity of population is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you can maintain the same culture that you have grown up with. The problem is when the newbies are messing with our culture and trying to make our state something it was never meant to be.

After talking to hundreds of refugees who have settled in Idaho from all of this great country I have found that most of the people moving in today are trying to escape the great liberal revolution. This Cultural Revolution has been taking place throughout our country but primarily in the large metropolitan areas. Most of these areas have always had large politically democratic populations with large universities. This change didn’t happen overnight it has been taking place for decades and those of us who are conservative have done nothing to stop it. These newbies have moved to the flyover states to find the culture that they once had in those changed cities.

Well let me tell you something Idahoans, we need to stop this liberal culture creep or we will be the next state defunding the police and promoting BLM. You have already been given a taste of this in Boise and now Moscow. The time has come to stand up and be counted. We must stop electing liberal Mayors and Rhino legislators who are helping promote this cultural change. We have a liberal Mayor in Boise who has written her Manifesto to change our State Capital into the next sanctuary city. We have a Rhino Governor who is being handled by the lobbyists and believes in Climate Change and changing Columbus Day to Indigenes Peoples Day. We have a new president at Boise State who would like to institute more diversity studies to help our children become Barristers at the local Star Bucks’. We have elected legislators who have allowed building to run rampant without a master plan to deal with the huge growth that is taking place. Our roads are inadequate and our taxes are soaring higher each year but no one seems to care.

Our state is a natural resource state but we can’t get at the natural resources because of government regulations and the fact that 62% of our land is managed by the Federal Government. The median household income in Idaho is $55,583 while the median price of a home is $441,924.00. Does anyone see a problem here? The many good jobs in the timber industry were taken away in the late eighties and early nineties to be replaced by mismanagement by the U.S. Forest Service that has allowed wildfires to run rampant in our state. So instead of producing the lumber for building and providing high-paying jobs, we let it burn import most of our timber from Canada. Conservationists have taken over some of the best hunting and fishing areas of our state and each year they close more of them off to the public. When will we say enough is enough?

We need to take our state back and stop electing crony politicians who cater to the lobbyists and elect people who actually care about fixing our state before it turns into another California. Wake up Idaho and find some honest people to run for office. People who will represent you and not the lobbyist who are destroying our state.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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One reply on “Will There Be Justice? Is it too late for Change?”

Very well stated Nugi. I agree 100%. Im doing my best to effect change and change minds. I vote, I call my local mayor, reps and senator. And my state senators. Problem: my local reps in canyon county have no time to talk to me Youngblood and lakey. Anderst is the only one who actually answers the phone. Of coarse he is stepping down this year. The good. Bruce Skaug his replacement candidate did take the time to return my call with in a couple of hours. I asked Him 11 crucial questions which he answered correctly every one. I feel comfortable voting for him to replace Anderst. Risch and crapo are good at sending patronizing form letters back to me informing of there agenda but really they don’t care about my concerns and only Risch and Fulcher seem to support our president Trump. And Risch only made this public profession in the Nate Sheldon show after I called and basically demanded it from him. Of coarse after the Governors office decided to start answering the phone and I was able to talk to his aid she laughingly mocked me when I demanded little stop stomping our rights and wrecking lives, dreams, homes and businesses.
Most of my personal friends and contacts I talk to and try to persuade that we need deep change in our leadership do not want to hear it and are convinced they won’t be swayed or there eyes glaze over. Most of them vote. Which concerns me because they don’t take the time to get informed and only believe the narrative the media gives them. Willful dogged ignorance, apathy, and complacentcy seem seem to rule the day. But I will not give up the effort to inform and educate.
Long live the republic!
May liberty and common sense be restored.

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