West Ada Residents File Petition for Recall Against School Board Trustees

October 6, 2020

Linsy Heiner,

BOISE – Residents within the West Ada School District will file a Petition for Recall against all five members of West Ada School Board on Tuesday, Oct 6th. The Petition will be filed with the Ada County Clerk’s office.

The recall effort was started by parents, part of the group, for the following reasons: 1) The West Ada School Board has not represented or involved West Ada constituents in their decision making process, 2) The board has not provided leadership during Covid-19, and 3) The board is not delivering education to all West Ada students.

A Press Conference re: Petition For Recall will be held on Tue. Oct 6th at 10:00am at the Ada County General Elections Office. 400 N Benjamin Ln #100, Boise ID

The recall petition will be filed only after many attempts by West Ada constituents to work toward solutions with the school board. A working parent group created a pragmatic reopening plan for West Ada School District and presented the plan to members of the board on multiple occasions. A request to present in a public forum at a West Ada School board meeting was denied, at present we still don’t have a 6-12 re-entry timeline. Chairman Morgan Wigle said ‘It’s time to move forward with a Petition For Recall. As parents, we have exhausted all avenues to work to reopen schools. The board has created an atmosphere of exclusion, non-transparency, and dysfunctional leadership. We have determined by actions of the West Ada School Board that its trustees do not represent the parents, students, staff, and tax payers of the district.’

The Petition for Recall includes resident signatures from each West Ada school district zone. Zone 1 Representative Ed Klopfenstein, Zone 2 Representative Amy Johnson, Zone 3 Representative Steve Smylie, Zone 4 Representative Phillip Neuhoff, and Zone 5 Representative Rene Ozuna were named in the recall petition.


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God Bless you and your fight with these IEA sycophant, Levy addicted souls.
Nice to see Someone at least try.

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