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Where to Begin a Discussion

Make no mistake about it the people rioting, looting, killing in our streets are supported by those in the progressive liberal Democratic movement including local mayors and DA’s. Nobody in the streets, including white snowflake country club millennial women confronting and shouting at policeman who are sworn to support the laws of our country and protect them and protect their right to demonstrate, are Republicans. The media will tell you that there are “white supremacists'” involved in the rioting and even “right wing implanted operatives” that are instigating the riots. This is a fabrication. 99.9% of those in the streets are liberal socialist Democrats—if you include MSNBC and CNN reporters. The white supremacist movement makes up less than the 1% of the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Those sympathetic and actively identifying with the BLM and ANTIFA movements make up 40% of the radicalized Democratic Party.

It was Ruth Ginsberg who said that the differences between Justice Scalia and herself were differences of ideas and not personal. The media and the liberal—progressive—socialist—Democratic establishment has made our differences personal. The anarchy we are witnessing in the streets today is our greatest argument for representative government and conservative principles. So instead of engaging in intellectual discussions about how we can improve the system they stop all discussions by calling us “racists, bigots, xenophobic, fascists etc. It is they who are ending the argument and all the name calling is personal, destructive, and obstreperous. Their hate for our President is merely an extension of their disdain for us and what we believe in. Remember we are “deplorables” and we “cling to our guns and Bibles” Sounds personal to me?—Not to mention condescending and demeaning.

The reason they personalize their attacks on our President is because his ideas have been so successful. They can’t debate the record. And most of all many of those rioting in the street refuse to take responsibility for their own lives and their own decisions. Instead of looking into their own hearts to see how they can make their own lives better it is far easier to blame someone else. Shouts of “white privilege”, “existential racism”, sexism, or any of the isms, keep us from any discussion that will help us all to move forward.

We can’t begin to have a conversation unless we can agree on 1st principles. Can we agree to the ideas that will serve as the bases of our arguments? Differing factions much of the time agree upon the facts surrounding an argument, but differences in underlying principles between the two sides are what lead to differences as to what actions should be taken to resolve problems.

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For example do Liberal—Democrat—Progressive—Socialists believe in the founding principles of our Republic? Do they believe in the Natural Law? Do they believe in our founding documents? Do they believe in our legal system to resolve disputes or do they believe like Jacoban-Robespierrean Hebertists that they are their own gods and they alone can prescribe and prescribe justice? If we can’t believe on underlying principles including those of our Founding and grounded in Natural Law, then discussing these differences is a waste of time. Discussing differences without agreeing to underlying principles that have evolved through history—a history known and respected by our Founding Fathers, only allows for anarchists to play “rope-a-dope” They refuse to come clean and tell us what they really want—to overthrow our government and our way of life, and anybody who doesn’t agree with them. Doesn’t sound like a good place to begin a discussion?

In the end what the liberal—socialist—progressive—Democratic—anarchists want is power. They will make up the rules as they go on. Power without principle leads to totalitarianism—the worse of all the “isims”. The end is always messy. Just look at what happened to Maximilien Robespierre when men became their own gods.

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