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Gem State Patriot Newsletter – Volume 61

Welcome to Volume 61 of the Gem State Patriot newsletter published by Gem State Patriot News. Please enjoy the following articles.

  1. We are asking for your help! (3/1/2020) by Gem State Patriot News - Dear Friends: We at the Gem State Patriot are a not-for-profit service for the people of Idaho. We have been serving Idahoans for nine years and we seldom, if ever, ask for donations. Using our affiliate link helps support this site! Unfortunately, like so many other conservative organizations, we suffer from time to time from […]
  2. Rulemaking: The Devil is in the Details (Part II – State Devils) (6/28/2016) by Mary Ollie - Once a bill becomes law, agencies begin the rulemaking process that details how the law will be implemented. This essay is the second of two that looks at how the rule-making process can be manipulated. The first detailed the rulemaking process used by the US Department of Education. The phrase, “The devil is in the details,” applies to both the […]
  3. When the Right Turns Left, You’re Out of Office (6/28/2016) by Jim Chmelik - The Editorial on Jim Chmelik former Idaho County Commissioner can be read here. Well it’s been five weeks since the election and based on the amount of press, and e-mail comments from the left, I must be winning. The ideas I battle for are based in the truth, and they ring faithful to the blessing […]
  4. “BENGHAZI” – Why Hillary Can’t be Elected President (6/28/2016) by Bob 'Nugie' Neugebauer - As the latest Benghazi report is released, we remember the terrible tragedy on 9/11/2012 when four brave Americans were cut down by terrorists, and the Obama administration along with a complicit Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, sat in a room and did nothing to save them. Today Trey Gowdy’s committee released their final report on […]
  5. June 23rd ‘Independence Day’ for the Brits – Inspiration for Conservative Americans (6/24/2016) by Rich Loudenback - THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING REALLY BIG Congratulations to our brothers in the United Kingdom for throwing off the shackles of their recent One World Government (OWG) mindset masters of the European Union (EU) made up of unaccountable, unelected, powerful global elitist who know what’s best for everyone about everything. Using our affiliate link helps support […]
  6. The UK has its own Tea Party – Will the US Follow their Lead in November? (6/24/2016) by Bob 'Nugie' Neugebauer - Is the vote in the UK an indication of what will happen in our presidential election in November? This vote was about sovereignty and the emotion of the people. Was this the UK’s Tea Party? Prior to this vote to leave the EU, Brussels had imposed a ban on high energy Tea Kettles and Toasters. […]
  7. Laws of Nature – Thomas Jefferson (6/23/2016) by Karen Schumacher - Perhaps one of the most overlooked or least understood statements in the Declaration of Independence is “…the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…” What exactly are the Laws of Nature and where do they originate? In what way did Thomas Jefferson interpret the Laws of […]
  8. The Unrelenting Con-Con Con (6/22/2016) by Rich Loudenback - No other issue facing us today can take down our beloved country as we’ve known it literally overnight like the proposed convention of the states which would actually be a constitutional convention (con-con) no matter what they want to call it. Legislators should not be taken in by professionally prepared hype based on ‘doctored’ information […]
  9. What Warming? Do the Math (6/22/2016) by Jim Hollingsworth - An editorial in the Coeur d’Alene Press by professional engineer David E. Bruderly on Sunday (June 4) made some interesting points. He says that CO2 levels were about 320 ppmv when his grandparents were born, and they are on track to soon double (in the lifetime of his grandchildren). We usually think of soon as […]
  10. The Effects of Illegal Immigration (6/22/2016) by Bob 'Nugie' Neugebauer - Tea Party Bob was unable speak on the Kevin Miller Show 580KIDO this morning, but we felt this was such an important message on Immigration that it deserved comment. If you missed the Kevin Miller show this morning, you missed a good one as he had an honest talk with people who have had actual […]
  11. Time for a New Non-Legislative Team to Fix the Medicaid Gap Problem (6/21/2016) by Bob 'Nugie' Neugebauer - In reply to an article written by Wayne Hoffman Dir. of Idaho Freedom Foundation Can someone please tell me who picks the legislators to be on these panels because they need to do some homework? Here we have Senator Marv Hagedorn, a retired Naval Officer and former engineer and Representative Loertscher a rancher and farmer […]
  12. Governor Otter went to the Dark Side Years Ago (6/21/2016) by Bob 'Nugie' Neugebauer - In reply to an article written by Wayne Hoffman Dir. of Idaho Freedom Foundation If you think that there are two Butch Otters, you are delusional and are missing the fact that our illustrious Governor who was granted a third term by the zombie voters of Idaho has become a dyed in the wool liberal […]
  13. It’s Time to Discuss How to Protect Americans from Islamic Terrorism (6/21/2016) by Bob 'Nugie' Neugebauer - Why aren’t we having a discussion on how to protect Americans instead of discussing how we can keep them vulnerable by making it harder to purchase defensive weapons? The conversation should be what we can do as legally armed citizens when confronted by a terrorist situation. We always talk about the danger of gun free […]
  14. Obama Hiding the Facts about the Orlando Terrorist (6/20/2016) by Bob 'Nugie' Neugebauer - Think about this; if you wanted to admit another 200,000 Muslim refugees into our country, what would you do to get public opinion on your side. You would lie about everything from illegal immigration to the dangers of Islamic Terrorism. Illegal immigration was up 57% in 2015 according to the (U.S. Census Bureau). Yet the […]
  15. Learning the Rules is the First Step in Stopping Government Control (6/20/2016) by Mary Ollie - Every issue of Gem State Patriot News includes the phrase “Knowledge is Power as Silence is Consent”. When I read that phrase, I find myself nodding in agreement and at the same time feel my blood pressure rising. Why? It’s because finding information in order to be that knowledgeable and vocal citizen is extremely difficult. […]
  16. A Democrat Scam on Campaign Finance Reform (6/20/2016) by David Ripley, Director, Idaho Chooses Life - Democrat Holli Woodings is heading up an effort called “Keep Idaho Elections Accountable”. This very large political action committee has been collecting signatures to “reform” Idaho’s Sunshine Law — the statute governing campaign finance. Woodings claims that she is all about “ordinary” Idahoans and the grassroots. She asserts that her reform effort is designed to […]
  17. New Rules Reveal Social Security Admin. Plans to Disarm Beneficiaries (6/17/2016) by Bob Adelmann - — Published with permission from The New — Final rules on how the Social Security Administration (SSA) plans to prohibit its beneficiaries from owning firearms were published in early May, but it took several weeks for observers parsing the 41-page document to realize its implications for the Second and Fifth Amendments. Using our affiliate link […]
  18. Here Comes a 27% rise in Health Insurance Premiums (6/17/2016) by Bob 'Nugie' Neugebauer - As if we all don’t have enough problems with making ends meet now, our sex health insurers are telling the Director of Insurance that they need an average premium rate hike of 27% to fill the gap of their losses sustained last year. Might we remind you that the executives of these non-profit companies do […]
  19. Praise Be to Governor Otter (6/16/2016) by Rich Loudenback - FIRST, A RIGHTFUL CHEAP SHOT We rightfully lambaste Governor Otter for cowering to the coercion of pressure brought about by the withholding of federal funds unless compliance is met for such as the destructive Common Core program and the harmful ObamaCare debacle because he isn’t pressing to have our Idaho lands returned for our management […]
  20. Corporatism: When the State Merges with Corporations (6/16/2016) by Steven Neill - “There are two things that are important in politics. The first is money and I can’t remember what the second one is.” — Mark Hanna, William McKinley’s 1896 presidential campaign manager and later senator from Ohio, in 1895 The Gilded Age in America is famous and infamous, famous for the fabulous mansions like the Breakers […]
  21. END THE FED (6/16/2016) by Darrell Castle - I have said that if I were elected, two of the first things on my agenda would be getting the United States out of the United Nations and ending the Federal Reserve. Why do I believe so strongly that the United States should end the Federal Reserve’s control of the monetary system? First a little […]

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