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Obama Hiding the Facts about the Orlando Terrorist

Think about this; if you wanted to admit another 200,000 Muslim refugees into our country, what would you do to get public opinion on your side. You would lie about everything from illegal immigration to the dangers of Islamic Terrorism.

Illegal immigration was up 57% in 2015 according to the (U.S. Census Bureau). Yet the Obama Regime continues to insist it’s the lowest since he took office. When examined demographically across the country, illegal immigration polling has been completely skewed. Obama says it’s the lowest in 40 years which is nothing but a lie. The president says illegal immigrants start 30% of all small businesses another lie. In each of the last two years, at least 550,000 illegal aliens have crossed the border, and deportations continue to fall dramatically.

The Obama Administration has completely politicized every agency of the federal government including the FBI. (The CIA and DHS were co-opted by Obama in 2009, as was the DOJ.) The Dept. of Homeland Security implemented a program called (CVE) Combating Violent Extremism to combat “terrorism and extremism” at home. It appears this program is sinister in its concept and deadly in its implementation. The victims in Orlando of an Islamist massacre attest to how effective CVE has been in playing down the Islamist threat to the U.S.

The CVE program encourages investigation of right wing groups by the FBI, but not ideologically driven leftist groups. The FBI is also restricted from investigating Muslim communities nor can they monitor or mark Muslim communities for surveillance because of DHS directives in the CVE. Why is it any surprise that our Attorney General would not want to allow 911 conversations from the Orlando terrorists out in the public eye? If they suppress the terrorist’s intent, they can concentrate on the gun control campaign.

The CVE has hampered the FBI’s investigation of Islamic terrorist’s attacks on Americans. A DHS report released shortly before the Orlando massacre instructed its employees, “Don’t offend Muslims while combating extremism.” Loretta Lynch and the Obama administration are being totally disingenuous with the American people by holding back the important parts of these 911 conversations.

The preceding were Tea Party Bob’s comments on this morning’s Kevin Miller show on 580 KIDO.

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