What Warming? Do the Math

An editorial in the Coeur d’Alene Press by professional engineer David E. Bruderly on Sunday (June 4) made some interesting points. He says that CO2 levels were about 320 ppmv when his grandparents were born, and they are on track to soon double (in the lifetime of his grandchildren). We usually think of soon as being a couple of years, and the lifetime of his grandchildren could easily be fifty (50) years. CO2 is now at about 400 ppmv (parts per million by volume). Double 320 would equal 640. Let us say that his grandparents were born 100 years ago, so from 320 to 400 is 80 ppmv. At that rate it would take 256 years to double. And, it has not yet been determined exactly what effect a doubling of carbon dioxide will have on the world temperature.

Mr. Bruderly informs us that 400ppmv is the highest carbon dioxide levels have ever been, yet those who have studied the matter tell us that at one time in the history of the earth it was as high as 7,000ppmv. In fact we are told that the limits on a submarine are 5,000 and on the space satellite it is 7,000. Plants are produced from carbon dioxide (not from dirt and water, as some would assume) and the more carbon dioxide in the air the better for plant growth.

Also, he mentions quality of life. If we go totally wind and solar and no oil, gas, or coal we will be back living in the Stone Age. Is that what we want?

There are plenty of real scientists writing about climate change; not just those who work for the United Nations on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Take a few minutes to look some of them up on the internet. And look at some of the negatives of wind (dead birds) and solar (short life).

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