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The UK has its own Tea Party – Will the US Follow their Lead in November?

Is the vote in the UK an indication of what will happen in our presidential election in November? This vote was about sovereignty and the emotion of the people. Was this the UK’s Tea Party? Prior to this vote to leave the EU, Brussels had imposed a ban on high energy Tea Kettles and Toasters. Can you imagine telling an English man or lady how they have to prepare their tea? This was the last straw for the citizens who finally said no more government interference in our lives especially from a group of elites in Brussels that were not elected by the people of the UK.

It should not have be a surprise to anyone except the elite establishment that the citizens of the United Kingdom spoke out in yesterday’s election in favor of getting out of the European Union in favor of British sovereignty and control of their own destiny. The people of Britain spoke loud and clear that they do not want to be ruled by unelected officials of the EU from Brussels. They would prefer going back to being an independent nation that makes their own decisions for their future. Immigration played a major role in the voting as Prime Minister Cameron had pledged to keep new immigration to 100,000 a year, but has not been able to keep that promise. Instead there has been inflows of 350,000 or more every year. Once again Sovereignty is the most important issue and the ability to control their borders.

The Elites and crony capitalist’s predictions and threats of imminent disaster if the UK left the EU were tossed aside by the voters. Why is it that a country the size of Wisconsin with 65 million people would cause so much of a ruckus in the world? It’s because the people of the United Kingdom have finally said no to big government. The citizens of the UK are tired of the oppression of government in their everyday lives.

Is the United Kingdom any different than the United States in that it wants be a sovereign State? It can now call its own shots when it comes to trade pacts; it is no longer under the thumb of the Brussels elites. The big losers in this break are socialism and globalism. It was just 240 years ago on July fourth that the United States declared its independence from the British Empire. Now we see the UK breaking off from the European Union declaring their independence.

It will take two years to unwind the separation from the EU, and Britain will have to renegotiate many trade deals, but in the end it should be a much better situation for them. This could be the end of the European Union and the EURO. The United Kingdom has the fifth-largest national economy (and second-largest in EU) measured by nominal GDP and ninth-largest in the world. They will be more than capable of stabilizing their economy within the next two years as they exit the EU.

This should send a huge message to American politicians that people are fed up with the global socialistic attitude that has plagued our country for the past 20 years. Too much debt, bad trade deals, open borders, huge influxes of illegal immigrants, little or no economic growth and the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970’s. There is an analogy here as the American people are sick and tired of too many rules, regulations and government controlling every part of our lives. Are we going to rise up in November and take their country back from the politicians and the corporate lobbyists by electing Donald Trump as their next President? This could truly be a historic year as the people of the world defeat globalism that the Political and corporate elites have tried so hard to establish.

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