Bob's Words of Wisdom

The Effects of Illegal Immigration

Tea Party Bob was unable speak on the Kevin Miller Show 580KIDO this morning, but we felt this was such an important message on Immigration that it deserved comment.

If you missed the Kevin Miller show this morning, you missed a good one as he had an honest talk with people who have had actual experience with the illegal problem in border towns. I think that the people of Idaho need to be made aware of these problems that are standing at our door step. Everyone Kevin spoke to this morning said the same thing, we don’t need any more laws. We just need to enforce the ones that are on the books.

The landscape of Idaho has been changing in for the past seven years in terms of illegal immigrants that live in our state. While many states saw increases in illegals over the past 25 years, Idaho is one of seven states which saw growth in illegals from 2009 to 2012. It is estimated there are currently 50,000 illegals making up about 3 percent of the population in Idaho with an estimated to cost to Idahoans of about $187 million a year by “FAIR”. Most of these immigrants are working in agriculture, building or manufacturing. Idaho also has the largest share of unauthorized immigrants impacted by “Obama Action”. About 46% of Idaho’s illegals have become eligible for deportation protection under the President’s executive orders with two programs because 83% of them are from Mexico and have families with children here.

Having owned three businesses in the construction arena, I will tell you from experience that competing in this business was difficult at best when the competition is using illegal laborers. There was plenty of opportunity for illegals during the building boom from 2004 thru 2008, and many of the builders had to resort to illegal framers and other trades to compete in the market place. When we look at how wages have been virtually stagnant and median income is about $47,500 a year for a family of four down from 53,000 in 2007, you can bet that the illegal migration has played an important role in the depression of wages in our state.

This is why we have many families working two and three jobs just to make ends meet. The larger problem brought forward by people Kevin interviewed this morning discussed the illegals who are no longer just coming for jobs, but are now transporting increasing amounts of drugs across our borders. Sheriff Donohue mentioned that for the past two years it has been a struggle to keep ahead of the flow of illegal drugs entering our state. We heard about how many illegals working for the cartel are openly hostile to anyone who might confront them. This makes it even more important that we as a state get better control on the illegals who have now become the drug runners for the cartel.

We know there are unsavory employers who hire these illegals because it is profitable, but they must be unmasked and subjected to legal action. We know the border patrol cannot stop this flow because of stretched resources and edicts from the administration about who they can detain and under what circumstances. It is the job of our state officials to catch these outlaw employers and for our law enforcement to do what they can to stem the flow of drugs until we have a president who is willing to say no more and build a wall while deporting those who are here illegally. A Country Without Borders is No Longer A Country.