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“BENGHAZI” – Why Hillary Can’t be Elected President

As the latest Benghazi report is released, we remember the terrible tragedy on 9/11/2012 when four brave Americans were cut down by terrorists, and the Obama administration along with a complicit Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, sat in a room and did nothing to save them. Today Trey Gowdy’s committee released their final report on Benghazi to the public. Mollie Hemingway summarized this quite succinctly in the Federalist with five primary points.

Point one: Was the decision by Hillary and her State department Aides that a decision had to be made on how they would handle the attack on our Embassy and who to blame for these actions. You have to remember it was 56 days from the election, and there was a presidency at stake on how this situation was handled. In their usual manner the Obama Administration decided on lying to the public and blaming the attack on a video and claiming that this video caused the problems in Cairo a day earlier when they knew this was a lie. The Cairo problems were largely because of the rationing of grains necessary to make a staple bread by the Egyptians, not because of a video. Clinton told family members of those killed that it was because of the video, but an e-mail by Ben Rhodes said “Goals: To underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

Point two: If you have seen the movie (it is a must see) you already know that the security at Benghazi was deplorable, and anyone in their right mind knew that it was a death trap waiting to be sprung. Pleas for additional security by Ambassador Chris Stevens were ignored or pushed aside as unnecessary. Secretary Clinton was the policy maker for Libya and decided not to remove any Americans from Benghazi or beef up compound security. It was her policy failure in the Libyan takeover by rebels which caused the unrest and ended in this tragedy.

Point three: The simple fact that no military was ever sent is an admission that the administration nor Hillary pushed for their intervention into this critical situation. They hung on the fact and repeated time and again that there was not enough time to get the help they needed in Benghazi. This was purely because the administration failed by waiting too long before ordering help, and it was 24 hours after the attack that a platoon of Marines arrived. Pure and simple this was bad judgement for political reasons.

Point four: There was no justice for those lost in this attack even after the administration promised retribution for the terrorist’s actions. In the almost four years since the tragedy, there has been only one terrorist captured and brought to the U.S. to face charges.

Point five: Obstruction of this investigation was the primary goal of the Obama administration, and they did all they could to keep the truth from the American people. They repeatedly denied requests by the committee to speak with anyone in the situation room or to examine documents pertinent to the investigation. The only good thing that turned up in the investigation was Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server.

The Democratic Minority report was nothing more than a political masterpiece of chicanery with over 300 pages mentioning Donald Trump’s name 23 times. I don’t remember Mr. Trump helping the administration with their policy decisions in Libya, Do You?

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