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When the Right Turns Left, You’re Out of Office

The Editorial on Jim Chmelik former Idaho County Commissioner can be read here.

Well it’s been five weeks since the election and based on the amount of press, and e-mail comments from the left, I must be winning. The ideas I battle for are based in the truth, and they ring faithful to the blessing of our liberties and freedoms. That we are endowed with certain inalienable rights and governments are instituted among men to secure the blessings of these liberties not abridge them.

Today’s Democrat party so despises those who battle for these tenets and our Republic form of government that the attacks are constant. They must bury those with these ideas with the hopes of never seeing them again. They must have us believe a centralized government is the solution and remove ourselves from the ideas of personal responsibility. It is not enough to have conned the electorate into their socialist utopian ideals, you must also destroy those who would oppose and expose you. It is not debate you desire but rather the silence of your opposition Stalin would be proud.

Standing on principles would appear to lack style. If Andrew Ottoson thinks my style is caustic maybe he has never read the writings of Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Frederick Douglas or Andrew Jackson; and with the passing of Muhammad Ali, I am reminded of one of the most outspoken men of our generation who did not like what he saw and set out to change the course of history.

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I have to wonder, would Mr. Ottoson have told these men to quit because their “styles” were not always advantageous. They were all considered lighting rods of their day and disagreeing with one’s foes and standing for principle was honorable. Sometimes eloquence in word does not quite convey the urgency of the battle before us; and that battle is Tyranny vs. Liberty.

Our founders understood tyranny and fought it with every fiber of their body. Today that tyranny comes in the utopian promises of socialism advanced by the Democrat Party and sadly even present within the Republican Party. The seduction is subtle, its allure captivating and its assurances enticing. However, the results ring hollow.

In the end, these ideas enslave the human potential and violate the tenets of our God given rights and the premise for the founding of our nation as a Republic. We trade freedom for security, bread and circuses. I hear the majority of Idahoans complaining about the involvement of the federal government in our lives however, are we willing to do anything about it?

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