It’s Time to Discuss How to Protect Americans from Islamic Terrorism

Why aren’t we having a discussion on how to protect Americans instead of discussing how we can keep them vulnerable by making it harder to purchase defensive weapons? The conversation should be what we can do as legally armed citizens when confronted by a terrorist situation. We always talk about the danger of gun free zones, but we never seem to do anything about it. Now that it is common knowledge that we are all potentially in imminent danger from attacks by Islamic Terrorists, we should be changing the way we look at security in gun free zones. Gun free zones should be well signed so people understand when they enter a building they can no longer protect themselves, and it should be the responsibility of the building’s owner to offer security for those entering that building whether that be a private or government owner.

Throughout all of this press about security from terrorists, our state officials remain totally silent on this matter. Maybe the way to keep them from talking from now on is to mention security from Islamic Terrorists. We have a melting pot of refugees in Twin Falls, and we hear nothing from our legislators or our Governor. The silence is absolutely deafening. It is time to hold those organizations who are resettling these refugees responsible and accountable for any crimes they might perpetrate and for their assimilation into our society. We also need more transparency in knowing where these refugees are being resettled. I’m even more concerned about our schools and how we are going to protect our children in these gun free zones, but we have not heard word one about this from our legislators or our educators.

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When I heard on Sean Hannity’s show how the Obama administration had the terror list scrubbed in 2008 and in 2011 of anyone who belonged to or had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, it made my blood boil. We have hundreds if not thousands of these potential terrorists in our population because of the Obama administration’s penchant to be politically correct. They would prefer to leave the American public in harm’s way, then to call out those who have questionable backgrounds and should be under constant scrutiny. What they did was tantamount to treason.

It’s time to start looking out for ourselves because we know now that our government neither state nor federal is going to do it for us. We are all exposed to the potential threat of terrorism and left vulnerable because our government officials are unwilling to act responsibly to keep us safe. Maybe our Governor would be more proactive if we were not so beholding to the Federal government for 35% of our state budget.

The preceding were Tea Party Bob’s comments on this morning’s Kevin Miller show on 580 KIDO.

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