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The Democrats’ New Slave Trade with Illegals

I wrote in my most recent post about the fact that the Democratic Party through all its iterations has always been the party of subjugation. Beginning with its founding by Thomas Jefferson through the growth of the southern agrarian tobacco and cotton economies that were dependent on slavery, and beyond the civil war with “The […]

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Hidden Operatives Exposed

Operatives deep within Idaho are bringing division and hate to our communities. The Western States Center (WSC) is a left-wing extremist organization that wants to “create a world…free from bigotry and fear”. Eric K. Ward is the Executive Director of the WSC, Senior Fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), member of Political Research […]

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GOP Governor Candidate, Ed Humphreys, Calls on Governor to Place Moratorium on Refugee Resettlement

(Eagle, Idaho) Ed Humphreys, Republican candidate for Idaho Governor, called on the Governor to put a moratorium in place on refugee resettlement until Idahoan’s housing needs are met. “We have law enforcement officers, teachers, and nurses who can’t afford housing. We must place a moratorium on refugee resettlement until our state can keep up with […]

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Why has Governor Little agreed to accept Refugees?

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty here, folks. The Governor said yes to more refugees because of pressure from the food processing companies who look for and are willing to train unskilled workers. At the same time, he wants to placate the left in the Boise area for his next election. This is all […]


Starbucks CEO is Hypocrite of Highest Order

Liberals lie. Liberals are hypocrites. It used to be shocking and embarrassing. Now their lies and hypocrisy are downright dangerous to all of us. Exhibit A is Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks. He is a longtime liberal Democrat contributor. Starbucks CEO will support Obama for another term He is a veteran Trump hater. Starbucks CEO […]

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