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Hidden Operatives Exposed

Operatives deep within Idaho are bringing division and hate to our communities.

The Western States Center (WSC) is a left-wing extremist organization that wants to “create a world…free from bigotry and fear”. Eric K. Ward is the Executive Director of the WSC, Senior Fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), member of Political Research Associates, and Race Forward, His other exploits include Program Officer at the Ford Foundation, The Atlantic Philanthropies, what appears to be a now defunct left-wing organization called the Center for New Community, is an aspiring singer-songwriter to “advance inclusive democracy“, and is involved with many other radical, and nefarious, organizations. 

Mr. Ward freely goes around making accusations, labeling others, and inciting hate, for which he receives a prize, while endeavoring to preserve, or construct, an “inclusive democracy“, not understanding America is a Republic. This article identifies WSC as “an affiliate of the Southern Poverty Law Center” which “counts on WSC as a core program partner” and has been funded by several foundations with questionable motives.SPLC even has ties to the World Economic Forum.

Several WSC board members also have ties to concerning organizations such as two with the SPLC, Chicago Abortion Fund, Center for New Community, and Basic Rights Oregon. In its 2019 990 tax form there are board members that served with the Ford Foundation, the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights (IREHR), and one co-chair with the Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice. Two WSC members are already planted in Idaho and through groups.

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Beyond this, there is this eyebrow raising look at the creation of an Idaho group with similar agendas as the WSC. Take Back Idaho (TBI) is a committee formed in late 2021, and comprised of former Idaho Supreme Court Chief Justice Jim Jones, former Speaker of the House Bruce Newcomb, former Idaho Secretary of State Ben Ysursa, former Idaho Senator Bob Geddes, former Idaho Republican Party Executive Director Cheryl Miller, and a few others. TBI is “determined to take Idaho back from the grip of the IFF, its partner organizations, and their acolytes in the GOP legislative ranks.” Hmmm. This TBI statement, “they will focus on educating Idahoans on how to identify and fight dangerous extremism and misinformation”, will make TBI the laughingstock of the state by the end of this article.

While examining these WSC and TBI similarities it is important to separate out one’s own opinions and thoughts on the subject matter, instead focusing on the issue that TBI appears to be aligning with a radical and far left extremist organization with ties to even more radical groups.

On February 26, 2022 both the WSC and TBI called for Janice McGeachin’s resignation for her participation in the America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC), the WSC accusing her of embracing “white nationalism” and both labeling the AFPAC as a “White Nationalist Convention”. This in spite of the WSC claim, “Western States Center is nonpartisan and does not support or oppose any candidate for elected public office” found at the bottom of the WSC page.

Another target of both organizations is the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF). Jim Jones in particular has issues with the IFF. Again without regard to one’s opinion about the IFF, it is alarming that both WSC in June, 2021 and TBI in December, 2021 released condemnation of this organization based on IFF concerns regarding Critical Race Theory being taught in the education system. However, in this Accuracy in Media video it is clear that haughty educators condone changing the name of what they are teaching in order to hide their deeds. Is this not the same as what the WSC and TBI are doing, conniving with each other behind the scenes? 

There is also the issue of Shahram Hadian. The affiliated WSC Southern Poverty Law Center has a particular disdain for him along with TBI leader Jim Jones.

The similarities in these issues might not be good enough to warrant accusations that WSC and TBI are working together, perhaps further documentation is needed. Through a Freedom of Information Act request, Casey Whelan exposed these nefarious activities between the City of Boise and WSC. Individual names have been redacted for their protection, leaving the involved agency name, and with links to those agencies at the end of each email.

Since 2019 the WSC has been in contact with Boise City Council staff that began with a rape case by four Tanzania refugees. During that time, a 2/21/19 email involving several agencies discussed strategies to manipulate media information. It was also noted that Jim Jones was in the process of writing a letter with Capital Group to discourage legislators from attending a 2/27/19 event with Shahram Hadian.

With his name on the 2/26/19 email list, and several additional agencies, Jones was given praise for his column, We don’t need Shahram Hadian’s inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric. 

In an August 2, 2019 email with even more involved agencies, Mr. Jones was invited to attend a WSC conference, it is unknown whether he did. However, one can see by the agenda that the subject matter extended far beyond its claim of just confronting white nationalism. The list of speakers included the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), another WSC partner.

The 12/26/21 email confirms that WSC made contact with the Boise Mayor and a document was provided as a tool for governments responding to political violence.

It is important to focus strictly on the fact that a left-wing extremist organization is infiltrating a local government to impose its ideology upon the citizens, and the local government appears to buy into that idea. Out of approximately 230,510 citizens, this left-wing extremist organization is suggesting infested bigotry and hate exists throughout the Boise community. This is nothing more than a lie. WSC’s created resource, Strengthening Local Government Against Bigoted and Anti-Democracy Movements, is for the purpose of infiltrating and influencing governments. 

Claiming “bigoted and hateful groups have successfully targeted young-adults who are still developing their worldviews”, it is really WSC and its minions who are targeting youth, having developed a toolkit to bring its distortions into classrooms. In fact, it was Eric Ward’s wife, Jessica Acee, who co-authored the toolkit and has some alarming thoughts about education herself. First the adults are groomed, then children become the prey for indoctrination. How can adults be so obtuse? 

Historically tyrants have used the division of people into different classes, identifying one group as superior than another, to amass power. There seems to be a striking similarity with WSC actions, separating out those they label as white nationalists. This is a very ominous warning for those who choose to lie in bed with WSC.

In spite of Rep. Rubel’s claim that the legislature focused on “divisive social issues” this year, the truth is that via the WSC and its associated toady groups, they sow seeds of hate to breed division among families, friends, and neighbors. WSC is not fooling anyone. Its lack of transparency and deceit is well understood, These individuals are too cowardly to bring their lofty ideas to a community because they know the opposition they would face. Instead, they hide behind the skirts of government. WSC doesn’t understand with their projection of anger, personal rage, and hate onto a community it is that hate which communities overwhelmingly reject.

Many Idahoans are tired of these racist groups bringing their bigoted and hateful ideology into our state. Knowing that current and former elected officials are participating in this is an embarrassment and shameful. 

This information is a very light surface scratch on the deep pockets of hate being spread across our country, the money being poured into spreading that hate, and the decimation of our Republic. Representatives who focused on social issues did so rightly as Idaho is a primary target for these groups. Shame on you Jones, Geddes, Ysursa, Newcomb, and every person that supports TBI. Your group is engaged in a deep well of networks that are anti-American, intentionally dismantling our Republic, and are the ones bringing “dangerous extremism and misinformation” to our state. None of you represent Idaho citizens. Idahoans will continue to reject this ideology in spite of your advocating for more of this rhetoric.

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3 replies on “Hidden Operatives Exposed”

Great article.

The sclerotic inertia of legacy RINO politicians in Idaho when compared to what Republican leaders in Texas and Florida offer to Conservatives, provides a glimpse into the aberrant world views that are the antithesis of Idaho values. Mitt Romney—Jim Jones—Bush Brothers—AOC and Brad Little and Scott Behdke vs Ronald Reagan—Barry Goldwater—Donald Trump—-Raul Labrador—-Priscilla Giddings —(Janice, Ammon or Ed). Big Government vs small government. Corporate cronyism and corruption vs capitalism and free markets. Law and order vs chaos. Liberty vs government coercion by bureaucratic fiat. We the People get to choose in May and November. More of the same or back to Idaho– normal? jml

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