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The Democrats’ New Slave Trade with Illegals

I wrote in my most recent post about the fact that the Democratic Party through all its iterations has always been the party of subjugation. Beginning with its founding by Thomas Jefferson through the growth of the southern agrarian tobacco and cotton economies that were dependent on slavery, and beyond the civil war with “The Jim Crow South” and the progressive movement led by our most racist President Woodrow Wilson, the Progressive Democratic Party policies have hurt not helped those living on the margins. The policies and legislation that followed in the mid-nineteen sixties including the Civil Rights Act and The Great Society Programs of the Johnson administration likewise damaged families, in Black, White, and some Hispanic communities. Democratic policies and political philosophies have hurt our country.

Most people don’t understand that there are more White people living in poverty than any other demographic class, but the percentage of Black and Hispanics living in poverty is much higher. The discrepancy between absolute values and percentages is because there are almost four times more White people than any other class. All classes and races have been hurt by liberal progressive Democratic policies—across the board.

But those who look myopically at our past fail to see the “log in our own eyes”. In the past two years, we have had almost 3 million people cross our border with less than 500,000 being properly credentialed and whose whereabouts are documented. So, what happens to an immigrant and their family if they are “undocumented” and don’t have legal status? Up until WWII immigrants coming into our country were assimilated into communities by families, neighborhoods, and churches—especially the Catholic Church in large urban ports of entry like New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

Today the task of attending to the basic needs of many immigrants falls to Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), that receive support from many government sources. Catholic Charities for example receive over 60% of their revenues from government sources—supposedly with no strings attached. Other religious organizations especially since the Bush era “Faith Based Initiatives” overreach into influencing private religious organizations, have been used as conduits to facilitate Federal Policy initiatives many of which have never been voted on or authorized by Congress.

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What is really happening because of these behind-the-scenes relationships is every bit as bad as what happened when Northern Industrialists and Mercantilists facilitated and participated in the slave trade early in our country’s history. They purported to be against slavery, yet like Daniel Webster in supporting the Missouri Compromise in 1850, they allowed it to continue because many Northerners were themselves making money on it.

What is happening to the millions of Americans who have entered our country and then “disappeared”? They are participating in a “black market” labor market and are being paid wages below what legal entry-level workers get paid. They and their families are living in substandard conditions and have a standard of living not much higher than what they fled.

Who is making money because of an enforced indenture hood of millions of people and who is harmed?

First, those involved in human trafficking—can there be any worse form of slavery? There are almost 500,000 mostly young girls but also young boys, caught up today in this evil. The amount of drug trafficking especially by China (CCP) and Mexican-backed cartels that produce and distribute Fentanyl and Oxycontin that is destroying over 110,000 lives—mostly young people, per year is murdering our youth. We lost 58,000 people in Viet Nam in 10 years for comparison. More young healthy people (no comorbid factors) died from drug overdoses than Covid over the past 3 years and the rate is rising since the political pandemic.

Finally, there is an active “indenturhood business” going on in our own country. The debt owed by immigrants to their “coyote” traffickers is paid by third-party agents who then arranges for employment of the immigrant in exchange for paying off their debt to the trafficker. Can we all say INDENTURED SERVITUDE?

In the end, the progressive liberal Biden administration immigration policy is using the government—(NGO)—people mill, to facilitate slavery and drug dependency helping many groups outside and inside our country to make billions of dollars, and at the same time millions are enslaved and indentured, not to mention the early deaths of many young people caused by overdoses and suicide because of depression. Today’s liberal progressive Democrats continue the legacy of their forefathers in the Democratic Party—the party of indenturhood and slavery.

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