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The Corrupt Merger of State and Corporate Power

They say politics makes for strange bedfellows and I must admit when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. threw his hat into the ring to run against Joe Biden for president it came as quite a shock to most people who live and breathe politics. I have been talking about how the elite corporatists have been slowly taking over our state with each and every election so thank you Mr. Kennedy for bringing this to the attention of all Americans. There are plenty of naysayers on the left and right who will classify RFK Jr. a kook even though he has championed many important environmental causes. I never thought I would hear these words come out of a democrat’s mouth but here they are. To quote RFK Jr. “My mission over the next 18 months of this campaign and throughout my presidency will be to end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power that is threatening now to impose a new kind of corporate feudalism in our country,” Boy did he hit the nail on the head. He went on to say, “this corrupt merger of state and corporate power, is turning our country into corporate kleptocracy, a system of socialism for the rich and this kind of brutal, merciless capitalism for the poor.”

We have been watching this change take place in Idaho for the past two decades as the wealthy agricultural aristocracy of our state combined forces with corporate elitists manage a bureaucratic state government for their benefit. The name of this combined entity is IACI the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry. They have either taken over or have imminent influence over just about every aspect of our state government. Currently, there are 180 state agencies making rules and regulations that almost always favor the good old Boys and their Corporate partners in corruption. We have shown statistically in previous articles that Governor Little’s claim that we are the least regulated state is a farce as all his administration did is change five words in the thousands of Idaho’s regulations to make you think that we are the least regulated.

We have been watching the tax burden in our state shift from the corporate and industrial sector to the private sector for many years as Idaho continues to grow. This article will explain how much this shift has cost homeowners It was IACI and its leader Alex Le Beau who opposed the recent increase in the homeowner’s exemption to $125,000 because it shifted an estimated $30 million in taxes back on to commercial payers. Le Beau says the system is broken because of continued increases in municipal budgets. When you look at the facts it is the huge expansion of housing in the Treasure Valley that has placed a further burden on homeowners. The reason is that developers are not required to pay what it actually cost in impact fees to cover the additional costs of building and extending sewer, water, roads and especially new schools. The burden has continued to fall squarely on the homeowners in the Treasure Valley and throughout Idaho.

Why hasn’t our legislature fixed this problem? The simple reason is that too many of our legislators are bought and paid for by the members of IACI and the developers in our state. So, while the corporate elitists and developers are laughing all the way to the bank the everyday working-class Idahoan is trying to figure out how to make ends meet as the tax bite on homeowners continues to rise.

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I think we have shown our readers that this shift has taken place primarily because of what we call the Uni-party which I would describe as the corporate establishment’s control over politics. In other words, if you want to have campaign funds available to run your next election for office you will vote as the elitist establishment says you will or you may not have the money to run a campaign. I draw your attention to an article I wrote last week about Idaho’s Leaders United.

Where we showed that from former Supreme Court justices and County Sheriffs to a former ER Doctor turned developer and head of one of our major medical facilities have aligned themselves against Idaho’s working class. Many of those who portray themselves as the conservative pillars of the community are the scoundrels who have turned our state into what RFK jr. is talking about “this corrupt merger of state and corporate power to the detriment of the people.” They claim to have a conservative political affiliation when in fact they are nothing more than self-serving elitists who are pushing more progressive policies on our state through legislation.

We only need to go back and take a look at how many of these pretend conservatives stood up before the 2022 election and supported Tom Arkoosh a democrat for Attorney General. This was because they feared that former conservative republican congressman Raul Labrador would be a problem for them and their continued movement to increase the progressive policies of Idaho. Fortunately, most voters saw these people for what they were, progressive elitists, however; you can be sure they will continue to work diligently to undermine the conservative values held by Idahoans every chance they get.

Beware of Uni-party elitists bearing gifts as they are the enemy who are trying so hard to take over our state government. Most of all please remember.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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3 replies on “The Corrupt Merger of State and Corporate Power”

Great article Bob
We’ve discussed the Development Lobbyist Cartel’s corrupt political control over Idaho’s growth & taxpayer dollars many times prior to the 2008 collapse.
Resolving & ending lobbyist control requires naming & ousting corrupt politicians that have betrayed us & their oath of office contracts.
Idaho’s Capitol has become a house of prostitution.
Prior to Gov. Otter’s illegal removal of citizen’s access to Legislative records just prior to his re-election must be restored.
Prior to Otter’s action I had provided legislative records & evidence validating conflict of interest corruption evidence on several of our political perps.
It’s time to overturn Otter’s illegal coverup & demand immediate restoration of Citizen’s unrestricted access to our Legislature’s records so names of the perps in our swamps can be made public, removed from office & jailed for their crimes.
America’s founders knew citizens would be faced with political corruption & possibly acts of treason.
Oath of office contracts were created by our founding fathers as a prompt & lawful means for ‘Citizen’s’ to promptly remove corrupt public servants who’s records &/or actions evidenced acts of corruption or treason.
Representative Government requires it’s Citizen’s to assume their management obligation as oath enforcers to enforce oath of office contracts over their public servants.

Both political corporations do the bidding of their financiers, Wall Street. The battle against the UniParty is always a battle of Main Street -vs- Wall Street.

Good job Bob. Addressing the critical issue for Idahoans is important, as you did here, and as RFK Jr. has done on the national stage. I would add one extension to this. Since it is “all about the economy stupid”, and the economy for each state is all about their Economic Development strategy, it is essential to note that Idaho’s ED strategy (and job creation) is all about Business Attraction and Expansion and tax subsidies detailed here:

This strategy has been proven NOT to work by the Mercatus Center, the same organization which mistakenly declared Idaho the least regulated state, which they later realized. It is detailed here with links to all of the sources so readers can form their own conclusions:

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