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Welcome to Idafornia

Before you jump to any conclusions after reading the title, NO, I am not dissing the good people escaping third world countries like California or Washington. I have made a lot of new friends with the recent arrivals to the promised land. What concerns me is the latest attempt to turn us into California or Washington. The supposedly nonpartisan initiative push for an open blanket primary election is a total con job.

I should know. I spent 4 years of my life getting the decision for the Idaho Republican Party from a Clinton appointed Federal Judge closing the Idaho Republican Primary.

So, why should you be concerned about an Open Primary Initiative campaign now? If you want to see examples of how successful that idea has been, just look to California and Washington. They both have it, and you have Democrat supermajorities in both. In some cases, the top two candidates in the general election are both Democrats. And both states are a hot mess, by any stretch of the imagination. Quelle coincidence’ !

By the way, the cities of Portland, Minneapolis, and New York City all have the same open ranked choice voting. Do you see who’s running those places? Would you want to live there?

So why are they pushing this? Because our Closed Primary is working. You bet, it’s working. The establishment RINOS hate the Closed Primary because it elects conservatives. Our party has been getting more conservative ever since we closed our primary. Look no further than our incredible new Chairman for proof of that. If you have to register as a Republican to vote for a primary candidate, the nominees become more conservative. When Democrats crossover and vote in a Republican primary, they vote for the more liberal candidate, who sometimes wins. We proved that there was 20% crossover voting in the Idaho Republican Primary. 1 in 5 votes in our primary were cast by Democrats. We were losing our Party in death by a thousand cuts.

So, do you really know how important this battle is?

The Supreme Court observed that even “a single election in which the party nominee is selected by nonparty members could be enough to destroy the party.” The Supreme Court gave the example of the 1860 Presidential election, stating that “if opponents of the fledgling Republican Party had been able to cause its nomination of a proslavery candidate in place of Abraham Lincoln, the coalition of intraparty factions forming behind him likely would have disintegrated, endangering the party’s survival and thwarting its effort to fill the vacuum left by the dissolution of the Whigs.”

The Supreme Court went on to state that even if “being saddled with an unwanted, and possibly antithetical, nominee would not destroy the party,” it would “severely transform it.”

We need more “Abe Lincolns” in our party right now if you care about what happens to our nation.

Bruce Newcomb and the supposedly nonpartisan group of PACs pushing the Open Blanket Primary Initiative want to change the core values of the Idaho Republican Party. They want to marginalize our conservative values in favor of big government and crony capitalism. What they are trying to do is invade our primary elections. They want to let Democrats choose our Republican candidates.


The Closed Primary is our only WALL.

Conservatives have finally taken the reins of the Idaho Republican Party and this Initiative is a bald-faced attempt to dupe the Idaho public. They will play on your sense of fairness. They will tell you we need to be accepting. It will be sold to you as more “democratic” and “inclusive”. It is meaningless drivel. But, let me warn you, the general public will listen to this drivel.

It’s just a naked power grab by the Idaho elites and good ol’ boys. Sorry to be so blunt.

No! Let me be blunt. This is a Call to Action for anyone who holds the same values that I do and wants to preserve them. Get the word out. We need to oppose the Open Primary Initiative.

1 Cor 5:6: “Don’t you know that a little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough?”

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