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Weak Men in High Places

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is an example of a vacuous virtue signaling ventriloquist, that we are all too often seeing today in our public elected officials and in the media. Al Sharpton is the puppet master. They are both literally tugging at the racial strings of the American people and are purposefully creating factions within the communities that they represent across all the country. Neither is either responsible or serious. They are both vengeful and mean-spirited. Mr. Bragg’s case against Donald Trump has been described as “political justice” by such renowned liberal legal authorities as Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley. Such tactics are only deployed by weak men who have been placed in powerful positions. How would you like to be in a “fox hole” with attorney Alvin Bragg?

One of my close friends “Jake “who is a liberal attorney spoke to me after the indictment. He said that we are so divided in our country now that we cannot even have civil discussions about current events that involve legal and moral issues. He looked back to when he was in undergraduate and during law school and said that various factions could get together and come to agreement on a common ground—Why can’t we do that today he asked?

Forty years ago, almost all people on the political left and right, and even throughout the history of our country, all political factions shared a common moral predicate. We all believed in Biblical and Natural Law principles that were grounded in our Founding Documents—the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were bitter political rivals, so were Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, John Kennedy and Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. They all shared a common moral predicate from which each side could argue toward a middle ground. Almost everyone believed in a higher power and in a moral, ethical and legal standard that sat above feelings and emotions.

Today we are fighting a foe who not only differs from us and our political opinions, but that wants to destroy the moral predicate upon which differing factions could ever hope to find a common ground. Without agreeing on a moral predicate, they choose to make their own rules. Humanistic situational ethics replace the moral standard. In making their own rules, they make themselves their own “gods”. When you are your own “god” you are accountable to no one. You can make up and change the rules as you go along.

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Today Mr. Bragg charged Marine Corps veteran Daniel Penny with second degree manslaughter in the unfortunate death of Jordan Neely who was threatening subway passengers. The deceased perpetrator had been charged in the past with forty felony charges including assault. The former marine who neutralized Jordan Neely amid an “erratic and life-threatening outburst”—words from a fellow passenger, has been charged and indicted. Protests erupted in New York City after law enforcement initially declined to charge Mr. Penny. The usual prevaricators, instigators, and propagandists joined together in a virtue signaling chorus of self-righteousness.

Who would you rather be caught in a threatening situation in a crowded subway car with, Marine Corps Veteran Daniel Penny, or the likes of Mr. Bragg, AOC, Adam Schiff, Pete Buttigieg or Joe Bidden—all who have been critical of the actions of Mr. Penny.

People who are in positions of power and who use their positions and power to mask their own cowardice and their lack of courage, are the most dangerous of our species. Read the biographies of Hitler and Stalin or even the economist Marx if you don’t believe me. All inadequate personalities who used their power and civil authority to mask their own inadequacies and psychopathy’s. All assumed the “moral humanistic high ground”. All invented an ethical and legal predicate that was not based on a moral standard. They were in fact their own “gods” making their own rules.

Evil must always be confronted out in the open. Weak men in high places always ends poorly. Weak men must destroy strong men to make themselves look strong. They play their games in the dark. They never “toe the line” against their opponents. They live in the deep states and communicate with the media via leaks and calumnies that can never be examined before they do their damage. They are in short, marginalized personalities. They certainly aren’t virtuous or brave.

Daniel Penny and Donald Trump are certainly not cowards. Alvin Bragg is many things; he is certainly not a brave man.

As Teddy Roosevelt told us, “the credit belongs to the man in the ring whose face is marred with dirt, sweat, and blood.” We have far too many critics in high places, and not enough people of courage who are willing to “get into the ring” and fight. Americans have always been fighters—at least up until now.

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