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Idaho Leaders United: Nothing More than Political Thugs

Just like the unsuspecting City of Troy was taken by surprise by a gift horse so we are seeing Idaho taken over by the Uni-Party or as we call them the political Trojan Horse. I refer to the recent announcement by “The Idaho Leaders United” declaring a purge on anyone or any group they think are extremists. They claim there is too much extremism in our state, and it must be rooted out at all costs. The real agenda of these political and corporate leaders is to continue acquiring more power so they can impose their own hidden agenda turning our state into a corrupt bureaucracy run by the politically anointed and corporate elite. If allowed to continue on this path unchecked, you can be sure that our state will soon see another turn to the left.

This group is not looking to stop extremism but instead they are attempting to purge any and all enemies who oppose their quest to dominate and takeover our state. Their mission is to hunt down true conservatives and discredit them by calling them extremists that they fear may become politically violent. Branding a person or organization “Politically Extreme” is a broad term which can be used to target enemies of this politically charged group or for that matter anyone who challenges their agenda. Their entire objective is to control the bureaucracy of Idaho that will give them the power of the purse through legitimate government channels. They are not looking to save Idaho but instead to take it over. They remind me of the crony legislators who pretend to care about high property and grocery taxes but refuse to do anything meaningful to fix the problem.

Take a quick look at some of these pretend saviors of our state who want you to believe they are conservatives. Let us go down the list of these so-called saviors of Idaho.

Jim Jones: 80-year-old a former Vietnam Vet and Idaho Supreme Court Justice who allegedly depicted the Idaho Freedom Foundation as a disruptive force in the 2021 legislative session and an organization engaged in cultural warfare with no facts to back up his allegations.

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Gary Raney: Former “Federal Supremist County Sheriff” and acclaimed would be gun grabber who in 2013 showed his true colors when Barack Obama announced several anti-gun executive orders. County sheriffs across the country publicly pledged not to enforce any new federal anti-gun measures which included nearly all of Idaho’s 44 county sheriffs. The rank-and-file of the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association supported HB 219, making it a misdemeanor for an Idaho law enforcement officer to enforce new federal firearms restrictions. Raney who was president of the ISA, disagreed with most of his colleagues and pointed to the ‘supremacy clause’ that every state shall abide by the laws passed by our Congress.” Rainy said if congress imposed a gun confiscation measure, he would be duty-bound to enforce it. So much for him being conservative.

Tommy Ahlquist: Former ER doctor and developer who has a past history of supporting Democrats financially and also ran for governor in the 2018 republican primary against Brad Little and Idaho’s current Attorney General Raul Labrador. After we interviewed Mr. Ahlquist in 2013, we determined that he was being used as a shill to draw enough votes from former congressman Labrador to allow Brad Little a squeak by win in a primary where he received a 37% plurality of the vote. Not a great showing for someone who spent 10 years as Idaho’s Lt. Governor.

It should be noted that many of the people working with Idaho Leaders United are people who claim to be conservative republicans but endorsed and supported former Democrat candidate for Attorney General Tom Arkoosh in the 2022 election. In fact, there were 50 very prominent Idaho republicans who so feared Raul Labrador as their Attorney General that they stood shoulder to shoulder opposing his candidacy publicly. Literally this was a show of solitary by the Idaho’s Rinos who have been responsible for the new Woke attitude that we find taking place in our state.

These so-called patriots of curbing extremism are nothing more than a political association of crony leftists’ hell bent on attacking any one or any thing that challenges their authority. Tommy Ahlquist says in one breath that “This idea of embracing political violence, it’s just got to stop,” and in the next breath he is attacking Ammon Bundy as an antigovernment activist and an example of extremism in our State. Mr. Ahlquist needs to bone up on his history as the only thing Mr. Bundy has been convicted of is trespassing. We would not call this antigovernment but political embellishment to defame Mr. Bundy’s character because he challenged their authority by running for Governor.

Odette Bolano: another member of this group and St. Alphonsus President and CEO, who complains that state’s politics have deterred prospective medical hires. We wonder if it is not the problem with the CEO and the hospitals’ policies that treated their employees with disdain by mandating that all employees take the Covid19 vaccine or find other employment. Bolano said “Once they really educate themselves or watch the national news about Idaho, they are less likely to want to come and interview and less likely to consider this home,”

If that is true why has Idaho’s population exploded in the past two years?

I have been writing about the political problems and how Idaho has been changing for 12 years and for some reason it never seems to sink into the voter’s minds that Idaho is in a state of siege. For the past 2 decades the wealthy Ag moguls and corporate elitists have been slowly taking over every aspect of the bureaucracy we call state government and expanding our budget and social programs. They jump at every chance they get to garner more federal funds to expand their kingdom at the expense of Idaho’s working class. They use organizations like Idaho Leaders United to disparage anyone who appears to challenge their authority and with the help of the liberal media in our state they broadcast these challenges and destroy their presumed enemies.

Americans made a huge mistake electing Joe Biden who is destroying our country and there are many who regret voting for him. Idahoans continue to pay higher property and grocery taxes every year as property values are reassessed and inflation grows our state budget continues to grow out of control as we accept more and more federal dollars burdening Idahoans with increased federal rules and regulations. I only hope Idahoans wake up and do some homework on the people they are electing to office. If they continue on the current path we might as well fold up Idaho’s conservative tent and find somewhere else to live as our beloved conservative state turns bright blue. When it comes right down to it we are our own worst enemy and we are the ones responsible for the current political conditions we are living in.

Please Wake up Idaho. “We Get the Government We Deserve”.

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12 replies on “Idaho Leaders United: Nothing More than Political Thugs”

This makes me SO angry! I was shocked when they printed my Letter to the Editor regarding this in Sunday’s paper – it was right next to Jim Jones’ praise of this group. We’re in so much trouble here in Idaho. Just put a target on my back now and get it over with. We have to be a thorn in their side and watch them like an eagle. They are way over bounds on this one!

Beyond in trouble. Keep diligent because they actually are trying to make everyone forget about what they did to the public between 2016 and present. They colluded to get everyone to hate Trump, and they never took their foot of his neck while he was in office. They single out WHITE NATIONALISTS while ignoring pigs like Lisa Sanchez and the BLM and ANTIFA protest attempts in our city. Only thwarted by Constitutional and law abiding mostly WHITE people. They are attempting to get the mask wearers to actually believe that all is well now. No one needs to be on school districts because they teach kids anything but academics. They have a nice little diversified group in the photos, to show how inclusive they are. Meanwhile, they are dumping on those who love and wish to keep our Constitution. Funny how you cannot respond on their webpage. Cowardly, Globalist, dictators trying to gather up the strays and get them to turn their views of these RINOS and criminals, into something that is good. What they are doing, is no different than the Klan catering to their hooded whimps. Grotesque, is what it is. Tar and feathering needs to make a comeback.

You are 100% correct about this group. All any thinking person has to do is to look at the names of the organizers to know this just another arm of the DemoRat party. This group is only concerned with making the people of Idaho subject to their tyranny. The CEO of St Al’s is the tyrant forcing people to wear masks at her hospitals. She doesn’t give a damn about the health and well being of Idaho people.

Idaho Leaders United are entitled to their political opinions, yet they have no authority to control thankfully. Watch them carefully for illegal activity.

Thank you for confirming what I suspected when I first heard of this group and the names of the “ringleaders.” That was the giveaway. We must fight those who are want to do us harm or our state will continue to turn more PURPLE on its way to blue.

Great Job! Some of this same group suckered many people into another group they formed a couple of years ago. Wake up Conservatives and pay real attention to what is actually happening in Idaho. We must call them out at every turn for the self-serving establishment RINOs they are. They do not care about the public.

I’m outraged by how these rinos failed to pass no excuse mail in voting. I believe it is their intent to turn us blue.

Bob during the I provided you & leaders of several other Idaho patriot groups hard Conflict of Interest corruption evidence that was sufficient to remove the majority of Idaho’s rinos from office.
The uniform response I received was,, enforcing oath of office contract violations exceeded your comfort zone…
Bob you are however 100% correct in stating that we have the government/dictatorship we deserve…
Will we evolve from a third world nation of sheeple to people?

Chuck T. ,former board member; Citizen’s for Annexation Reform.
legislation proposed to replace Idaho’s Developer controlled Forced Annexation Law with Voting & Property Rights for effected property owners & taxpayers.

People better stop being so trusting. If Biden and Obama’s administration gets back in office, we can kiss our lives goodbye. If these dictator organizations who run against “our” Idaho aren’t stopped, we will become like California. Higher everything, overdevelopment, LOTS of redundant regulations, more crime, graffiti, gangs, tent strewn streets w/garbage and feces, used needles, drugs and diseases. Ask yourself, “Is this what I want to raise my kids in…or even want to live in myself?” Have I seen it? YES!

PAY ATTENTION and do research on everyone you vote for because they aren’t always what they claim to be. Look at their past to see how much money has been spent and how many problems they have caused. Do your homework and THINK.

What happened with Jim Jones previous group, Take Back Idaho? Did he dissolve it and come up with a new name and new players to try and hide that he is still doing the same? Typical enemy tactic, changing the name all the time.

These are people no different than a Klansman. The St Al’s CEO needs to understand something about the citizens of Idaho. We don’t care if more doctors don’t want to come to Idaho. In fact, the younger doctors that have moved here since Obummercare, are terrible doctors. Our health futures are in the hands of pill pushers and political shills. A hospital, telling cardio vascular disease sufferers, that they cannot get care if they don’t put a mask on and suppress their oxygen intake. The group highlighted as the brains of this unfit outfit, are nothing more than power hungry criminals, wishing to hurt as many of those “middle class” citizens as possible. Good lord, to even see a group of elitists, hellbent on attempting to sway the minds of individuals through lies, extortion, and a smiling face with a nice hair cut. Go after the personal lives, and business ventures of these tyrants and chase them out of Idaho. Show them that it is they who are not welcome.

One mistake I see in the article: Story: “Americans made a huge mistake electing Joe Biden…” Biden was NOT elected, he cheated his way to the WH.

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