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Why Homeowner’s Taxes are Increasing – The story of HB-431

Editor’s Note: We are providing this opinion piece by Bill Rutherford, the Democrat Candidate for Idaho State Senator in District 20, in order to assist our readers in understanding their political options. Our publication of this article does not constitute an endorsement of Mr. Rutherford or his positions. This is a story about political greed […]


Letter to the Legislature on the Grocery Tax

Dear Members of the Legislature: I write to you today, urging the elimination of the tax on groceries. I cite four reasons for doing so: 1) The tax on groceries disproportionately hurts working poor families; 2) Idaho’s low income levels make regressive taxes like sales taxes more onerous; 3) Increased economic activity will generate more […]


PODCAST: Tea Party Bob and Steve Ackerman Talk About Taxes in this Legislative Session

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Bob discusses Idaho Taxes with former Senator Russ Fulcher

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