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Grocery Tax Repeal Vetoed: Governor Says, Screw the Taxpayers

Otter says the money you would save by repealing the grocery tax is imaginary. Next time you buy groceries for your family take out your imaginary money and think about the Governor living it up on his ranch catering to his crony friends who get all the tax breaks. Otter, like so many other career politicians, has found that it is better to feather his own nest and that of the birds he flies with then to care one iota about the citizens of Idaho. This, unfortunately, is a disease that many politicians catch and there, unfortunately, is no cure for it. I have seen our illustrious Governor go from bad to worse over the years and in his third term he has pulled out all of the stops because he knows his career is over as a politician so he figures on taking care of his buddies.

Our governor is just about as conservative as former president Obama. Let me explain. We get 35% of our state budget from the federal government that’s not conservative and every year we take any extra tax money and spend it instead of cutting taxes. We have a state Healthcare exchange which Otter helped pushed through, where 120 thousand of Idaho’s citizens lost their policies and had their premiums and deductibles almost double.

Otter hired the Corrections Corporation of America to run our prisons which cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in falsified overtime, there was no investigation. He stood firmly behind the School WIFI system which has cost the taxpayers tens of millions in lawsuits and lost revenues from the feds so he could take care of his friends in the communications business. He forgot to veto the bill to remove gambling machines from the racetrack angering his crony buddies and is now trying to get them reinstalled through executive agency rules. We have Chobani Yogurt who got $25 million tax incentives for building their plant in Idaho, of course, the owner thinks Otter is conservative. Take a look to see how much he contributed to Otter’s campaign. The Governor is buying a broken down building from his buddies at HP for $126 million of your taxpayer money while we struggle to survive each and every day to pay our grocery bills.

We have a Governor’s race in 2018 with three people running. Lt. Governor Brad Little, Developer Tommy Ahlquist and former Senator Russ Fulcher. The only one who has been against the sales tax on groceries from the beginning and who actually was responsible for getting the tax credit we currently have is Russ Fulcher. The other two Johnny come lately’s Little and Ahlquist have never said a word about the grocery tax or the people it hurts until the past two weeks when Kevin Miller mentioned it them on his show. Neither Little nor Ahlquist have ever said a word against the gas tax or the higher registration fees that were imposed on us last year. Brad Little has never to my knowledge said one disparaging remark about how Otter governs and that tells me that he will just be Little Otter if elected.

The only people hurt by the Governor’s decision are the lower and middle-income taxpayers. Otter takes care of the people who finance his campaigns. For every scandal we have had you will probably find someone associated with that scandal who contributed to Otter’s campaign. I ask the people of Idaho to remember these things when they go to the polls in 2018 to vote for a new governor and remember that the real conservative running is Russ Fulcher.

“We Get the Government We Deserve.”

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