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A Message to Biden Administration’s Science Dept.

6,000 Things Made From Fossil Fuels Mr. President, The current drive to eliminate the use of fossil fuels is ill-advised, at least at the present time. This is true for the following reasons:

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1984 Could be Just Around the Corner

Sometimes I feel we are living in a Third Dimension where everything is turned upside down when in reality, we are responsible for this turnover of our country to the Neocons and corporate elitists. Biden and the Democrats have done more to destroy our country in 3 years than any other president in our history. […]


Keep it in the ground — by blocking pipelines

— Published with Permission of — If they can’t stop energy development, they block pipeline transport (and get unexpected help) You can understand their frustration, as the steady stream of radical environmentalist successes during the Obama years has been replaced with endless setbacks. Oil, gas and coal leasing, permits and production have risen significantly. […]

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