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A Message to Biden Administration’s Science Dept.

6,000 Things Made From Fossil Fuels

Mr. President,

The current drive to eliminate the use of fossil fuels is ill-advised, at least at the present time. This is true for the following reasons:

  1. When the sun does not shine, or the wind blow, the slack is taken up with fossil fuel generation, mainly coal and natural gas, methane.
  2. The basic foundation for the need to eliminate fossil fuels is based on the belief that the burning of fossil fuels will eventually burn up the Earth. This is contrary to history, when it has been hotter than today, and the fact that the tiny percentage of carbon dioxide in the air provides for the building of all plants and animals on Earth.
  3. No one has ever successfully proven that there is a direct link between temperature and carbon dioxide. In fact, carbon dioxide has been much higher in the past, when the Earth produced lots of coal and oil. It is more likely that the temperature of the Earth is controlled by natural causes, such as the changes in weather, and the Sun. Much higher levels of carbon dioxide are permitted on submarines and space craft, so we know carbon dioxide is not harmful.
  4. Wind and solar are presently a very small percentage of our energy mix. When they become 100 percent (if they ever do) the entire nation will be covered with solar panels and wind turbines. Is that what we really want?
  5. Electric Cars are not the answer as some states have asked that they not be charged during certain hours; There is not enough power available for more electric vehicles.
  6. Our country has an abundance of Coal, Oil and Natural gas, and it would be a shame not to use it. These are the products that made America Great.
  7. You need to understand that there are a number of things made from fossil fuels, especially fertilizer, all plastics, highway asphalt, vinyl siding, roofing and other items. Please see the following list of just part of the over 6,000 things made from fossil fuels. If you eliminate these items. we will be living back in the stone age, our cars will not exist, and our homes will be empty.
  8. Even your own Department of Energy has listed a number of things made from fossil fuels. Department of Energy: Things made from Fossil Fuels
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