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It IS All Connected

My best friend in life and adopted brother is Fr. Lance Krzywicki. Before becoming a Catholic Priest, Fr. Lance was a Wall Street Attorney and Financier. While in New York he became friends with Cardinal John Joseph O’Conner. On Holy Saturday of 1987 I became a member of the Catholic Church after undergoing ” The […]

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Lies and more Lies

Last Friday The CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics published its daily update on the current Covid-19 pandemic statistics. Much has been written and discussed in the media of the finding that 96% of Covid associated deaths were caused by underlying medical conditions. This fact in and of itself should be placed in proper context. […]


Data Show California Is a Living Example of the Good Intentions Fallacy

“Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it.” — Published with Permission of — During a speech at Harvard several years ago, Charlie Munger related a story about a surgeon who removed “bushel baskets full of normal gallbladders” from patients. The doctor was eventually removed, but much later than […]

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