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Sleepy Joe and Aaron Burr

I am flattered that I have received so many e-mails regarding my article last week about HOMICIDE OR SUICIDE pointing out that the margin of victory for Joe Biden in 4 key States was less than the votes received by the libertarian candidates in those States. There is no question in my mind that significant cheating occurred and our President actually won in a landslide in all those States, but I wanted to approach this argument from a different perspective. A Conservative is defined as being an economic “classic liberal”—historical economic “liberal” thought would include the writings of Adam Smith, Fredrich Hayek, Von Misses and Milton Freidman for example—today we would call them economic conservatives. A Conservative today would be considered also a social conservative on issues like Pro-Life, End of Life issues, Anti-drug and MJH use, etc.

Most libertarians would agree that they are in fact fiscal monetary economic conservatives (classic economic liberals) but civil and cultural liberals—issues of abortion, drugs, social justice are looked at not only through the lens of liberty—which carries a duty and responsibility as part of the contract between individual and guarantor but mostly through the lens of personal individual freedom—as long as I am not hurting others I should be “free” to exist. Barry Goldwater was a classic libertarian. He was Pro Choice and Pro open markets for drugs. Ronald Regan was a classic Conservative being for free markets and Pro-Life.

The great libertarian—Goldwater and the great conservative—Regan, agreed with each other the majority of the time and they didn’t let a 1-2% difference create a political situation where the better candidate that they both believed in would be defeated by a more egregious candidate who could cause great harm to the country. It would be wise for conservatives and libertarians to never get to the point in politics where great big issues are determined by a 2% faction. This election is certainly not the 1st time that this has occurred. Going back to the 1800 Presidential election where Thomas Jefferson defeated John Adams an incredible ending elected Jefferson and Aaron Burr his vice President. In those day the person receiving the most votes for President would be elected to that office and the person receiving 2nd place electoral votes was Vice President.

The Federalists (the party of Washington—Adams—Hamilton) had controlled all branches of the Federal Government for 12 years. There was a “wave of Jeffersonian Republicanism” that won both houses of Congress and the Presidency repudiating Adams who came in 3rd place. But both Burr (an upstate New York Republican) and Jefferson—the Republican Party leader had received 73 Electoral votes apiece—Adams received 65 Electoral votes. Under Article II Section I of the Constitution the race went into the House of Representatives to decide who would be President. It was a “lame duck” House dominated by Federalists. So the Federalist would decide who would be the Republican President. 32 votes were taken in The House of Representatives and the vote remained tied for several days. Finally working behind the scenes and because of his disdain for Aaron Burr Alexander Hamilton who was not a member of Congress, convinced James A. Bayard of Delaware to abstain from voting on the 33rd ballot—two other Federalist Congressmen joined him, and with those abstentions elected Thomas Jefferson President. The party that had been overwhelmingly voted out of office sitting in a “lame duck’ session elected the President of the other party! Thank God elections today are for the President and the Vice-president running together and the Electors vote for the

“Ticket” instead of the individual. Could you imagine a Democratic, Nancy Pelosi House voting for Donald Trump in a runoff with “Sleepy Joe”? Come to think of it maybe “Sleepy Joe” was sitting in Congress in 1800. I think he would have voted for Aaron Burr. They both have a lot in common. Burr was a Federalist before he was a Republican and then he tried to become a Federalist again before he was run out of the country. Biden was a liberal before he became a moderate and then he became a progressive and now he is trying to be a moderate again. Guess politics and politicians haven’t changed much over the years.

I wonder what the Founding Fathers would have thought about an election where you could: Mail in ballots without ever having to request the ballot. You could have a third party handle the ballot? Ballots could be bundled by a distant third party? There could be no system for reconciling the ballot to the voter? There could be no way to archive the ballot for subsequent validation? Or most of all your vote could be transported out of country, held in a server, and either counted, voided or reassigned to another candidate. Or what would they think if 300% more people voted in a precinct than actually lived in that precinct?

Governance has never been perfect, it has always been messy, but we should fight with everything we have to keep it from being corrupt. But who do you fight when systems, networks and servers are corrupt? Who do you fight when the media is corrupt? Who do you fight when the “deep state” and FBI and DOJ are corrupt?

You fight the people who let this new “Modern” system of voting become so ubiquitous and so opaque.

It’s tough but President Trump is doing it.

Win or lose this election he is succeeding and a corrupt establishment knows that he is winning and the American people are on to them and the “deep state” will soon be defeated.

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