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Complacency is the Road to Socialism

I have been voting since I was 21 trying to play my part in this Republic we call America and have been reasonably satisfied with the results up until this year when we have seen criminal activity take place in our election process. We are watching an election of the president of this United States of America being stolen by a bunch of gangland politicians who knew they couldn’t win this election fairly so they had to stoop to stealing it.

While all of America’s eyes were on the Covid-19 virus problem, the Democrats were busy robbing us of our legally cast votes for President Trump. “The Deep State,” which has been undermining our constitutional process for decades, decided it was time to take charge through various nefarious ways of fixing our presidential election. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of just how much corruption there is throughout our state and federal government officials.

While we were all worried about wearing masks and staying at home because of a virus that is turning out to be not much worse than a bad flu, the robber barons were preparing to steal an election and country.

If Biden is declared the winner of this election, we will all rue the day we allowed this travesty of justice to take place. The corruption thus far brought forth by the President attorneys should be enough to have recounts in several of the swing states nullifying Biden’s supposed win. The problem is that you have Republicans like Governor Kemp of Georgia who are doing little or nothing to help the situation.

What amazes me is that we don’t see more of our Republican elected officials speaking out about the corruption of this election. Could it be that most of them are just as corrupt as the democrats and the deep state operatives who planned and executed this devious plan to steal the White House?

Having known and met President Trump in my past life on Wall Street, I will tell you he was not a model for the perfect man, but I always found him to be a man who would speak his mind and is never afraid to take on a challenge. They have beaten the drums for 4 years trying to get rid of this patriot who came out from behind the curtain and on to the American stage to show us how a country can and should be run. He took charge and ran it like a business, not a piggy bank for corrupt politicians. He put his life on hold and turned our economy around and gave every American the opportunity to find a job.

We had record employment numbers and growth we had not seen for a decade or more up until this virus was cast upon us by the Chinese. He started to clean the swamp of the rats and scum that hid in the shadows of our bureaucracy and was impeached for doing so. He fought with the DOJ and the FBI along with the other intelligence agencies who attempted to link him to a Russian scandal that was completely made up. I don’t know anyone who would have gone through the trials and tribulations that he has to put this country back on its feet. Those who think Joe Biden is the answer should have their heads examined.

The use of absentee ballots is not only dangerous but an easy way to cheat in an election just as the use of electronic voting machines that are subject to manipulation. So why did we allow this to happen? First of all, the electronic voting machines that were used have been in question for years as to how secure they were since they were owned by foreign entities and some unscrupulous billionaires who would like to see Trump gone.

Even the Democrats have criticized these machines and their vulnerability to manipulation for years. I’m no computer guru but when you’re watching the votes being tallied on TV and you see 530 votes added to Biden’s column and subtracted from Trump’s column before your very eyes it is time to say what the heck is going on.

I have been talking about corruption in government for years but it has never seemed to sink into the public’s mind that we have been hoodwinked by a bunch of bureaucrats who have taken over our country. Congressman, Senators, Governors, and state legislators who are elected to office with no money in their bank accounts leave office after 4 or 5 terms with millions. Shouldn’t we be a bit suspicious of how that happens? After all, I don’t know of any other job that you can make that kind of money unless you rob banks for a living.

Being a politician—especially a poor one—lends itself to becoming corrupt as you get to see most of the cards of the poker game before they are dealt. It is just as bad at the state level as it is at the federal level and it is difficult at best to track down and uncover who is using confidential information to make money for themselves and their families. Just look at the accusations that have been made against Joe Biden’s family members in just the past few months as they uncover these huge transfers of money from foreign governments and contracts to family members.

President Trump had no need to be a corrupt president as he has all the money he needed and he earned it the hard way—by working for it. He elevated all Americans to new levels of job security and higher wages, and he fixed our bad trade deals with foreign governments. He got rid of onerous rules and regulations that were strangling our industries.

What did he get for it a good kick in the teeth not only by the democratic opposition but by many of our republican Rhinos who would be happy if he were gone tomorrow?

If you sit on your couches at home and watch this travesty of justice take place and do nothing about it, you are complicit in this crime and will get what you deserve, more bad government. If you want to see America continue to thrive, get your butts off that couch, ignore these lies about covid that are killing America by selectively closing down out businesses and churches, and stand up and fight. Because if you don’t, we will all be on the road to socialism and I can guarantee you will not like what will happen in the next 4 years if Biden is sworn into office.

Wake up America and be counted while we still have a chance to turn this around.

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Bob you’ve covered this last-stand option Citizens have to save our Republic pretty well. Hopefully if any true patriots remain in Idaho, the first step will be taken to initiate a nationwide movement of Oath Enforcement to restore lawful government.
~America’s Citizens only have one lawful & constitutional path to restore Representative Government~
Decades of civic apathy has enabled our local & state governments to be replaced with political prostitutes who serve special interest lobbyists.
Both political parties are rife with political puppets who have been hand picked & funded by the Cartel of Special Interest lobbyists to continue channeling taxpayer dollars into the Carte’s coffers via pork barrel government contracts..
America’s Founding Fathers foresaw political corruption & likelihood of a treasonous overthrow. Fortunately they empowered Citizens with the lawful & constitutional right in Oath Contract Enforcement to arrest & oust rogue officials & public employees who’s records & actions validate that they have betrayed their Oath of Office employment contracts.
**President Trump is our generation’s George Washington** History will reflect if our generation had the moral & ethical backbone to help President Trump save us from the treasonous political overthrow now underway that our civic apathy created.
Chuck Thomas
Former board member;
Citizens for Annexation Reform

Ted. I’m sick of your puke, trolling, coward-us and inability to accept the fact that this is not heaven yet. And we’re not Jews. You need medication. Nugie. Your right but once again I sight your refusal to elect new blood to Congress. Inexperienced law writers are what we need. Because we don’t need continuous legislation and new laws. A government that does less is better. We can legislate our selves to death. I to have been a voter since 22 years old my self.
I do what I can. I call all my reps district 12. Lakey and Youngblood ignore me completely and are in my perception corrupt and deep state. Our feds all but Fulcher are deep state, corrupt, and complacent. I go to as many rallies as I can including the latest stop the steel series by MAGA girls and patriots. At the capital this Saturday nov. 28.. short of this. We have to stop letting republicans scare us into not-not voting for them. We must get term limits, way reduce the amount of voters and signatures to recall despot politicians in this state. And at the federal level. Stop being afraid of the media and put some average intelligent candidates up for election. And last of all pray like the world is ending and trust our God. Can we stop the complacencies…. the short answer. NO.
Long live the republic and may more Godly and wiser men lead us in the future.

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