Voting rolls’ lists of older American voters are gradually being replaced by the newer crop of Generation X and millennials that have been schooled in common core curriculums and lied to by socialist college professors about our history and how our Republic (we are not a democracy) was designed to work.

These same younger Americans are constantly barraged with Socialist messages from the likes of the entire Democrat Party, Hollywood, mainstream media, TV and radio ‘fake news’ artists. So they hardly have a chance to understand America the way we older Americans do because we were taught better and exposed to a much higher quality of authentic news.

Throw in the pure propaganda crap from Bernie Sanders that’s amplified by the duplicitous media and our younger Americans simply know what they are exposed to, i.e. they are a product of their environment.

So it is, that I have felt compelled to put up an informational website that tries to reach out to them with as much effective factual information that I can find from many sources about the realities and myths of socialism.

Christ Troupis Book

The website is Please check it out and spend a little time reading some of the great articles, pick some out and share them with friends and family that might think socialism or ‘democratic socialism’ as the progressive speak folks of the left like to call it today. People sharing articles with others will help build the site’s internet recognition. Any exposure to the site will be appreciated.

Socialism is a parasite that only takes and produces nothing. Those that haven’t thought things through truly do believe that stuff can be free and life will be better if we all share the fruits of someone else’s labor. It really is nuts that people can think this way and not realize that it can’t and never has lasted for long. Socialism has never succeeded in history!

Our founding fathers, who were not perfect men, but were brave, cerebral men who knew tyranny first hand, worked very hard to produce our extraordinary documents: Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. No other nation in history has succeeded even close to what we have as a result of following those documents.

The basic problem we have today isn’t our system of government, it is that we have gotten away from adhering to it. We have far too many bureaus and agencies within our government that are un-constitutional and too many unconstitutional laws and regulations that hinder our freedoms, productivity and henceforth our competitiveness. Add on to all that, because we are a Republic, we are also a nation of laws that we are not following or enforcing.

The Democrat Party has been going crazy for a lot of years extolling almost pure socialism in about everything they do.

The Republican Party has the greatest platform a party could have. They just don’t follow it. Can you say RINOs?

No. We don’t need any more socialism on top of all that, we have enough to correct already. We just need to get back to what brought us and make America great again.

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