Complacency 101

The League of Women Voters of Pocatello, Idaho, have sponsored an essay competition for all students enrolled in Idaho public schools grades 9 through 12 to write an essay on “Climate Change”. Interesting topic for students to ponder and a great moment to advance important precepts of a well-rounded education by teaching students how to think rather than what to think.

This opportunity was lost however by the aspirations of political agenda. The League of Women Voters in Pocatello ruffled by the State Legislatures removal of “Climate Change” from some of the Idaho State Science Standards put their agenda ahead of science. They are so twisted up on the issue that they have seen fit to conscript Idaho’s youth in their cause to discredit those “science deniers” in the legislature by harnessing the power of cognitive dissidence (anxiety produced using fear directed by suspect analysis).

The League of Women Voters offered scholarships to set those malleable high school minds to do their bidding. A rather disgusting form of child abuse where fact is made of fiction in order to rob these youngsters of economic prosperity and enslaving them with a lifetime of insurmountable regulations. Maybe someday they’ll be able to live comfortably in a cargo container knowing that their minimalist lifestyles have saved the planet.

These type of social justice is well received by the cabal of globalist financiers waiting to gleam fortunes from anticipated carbon tax revenues. What an intriguing construct, enlist our youth as subjects in their Malthusian dream exploiting their futures with tales of environmental exploitation. All this political leverage for a few thousand dollars in scholarship money. The League’s stratagem is such a fantastic ploy it appears sinister. Pray the weather doesn’t turn cold as there’s nothing like retribution from angry mobs who have been duped by a bourgeoisie class that has lived high on their lost opportunity.

Had the League of Women Voters used this exercise to imbue an understanding of sophistry in political arguments rather than the virtue of fake science I’d be more empathetic to their cause. Clearly, this lesson had nothing to do with scientific merit; rather it catered to a prevailing opinion widespread in public education that the world is ending and their parents had something to do with it.

Science is nothing like the examples of rhetoric presented in the student’s papers. Science uses empirical and measurable data to test hypotheses through experiments using the principles of reason. Too bad these students weren’t asked to collect historical weather data, plot the result and come to a scientific conclusion. That might be a better way to teach science instead of confirming the presumption of an outcome by following leads to prove a pre-determined premise. No wonder American kids are falling behind in science, technology, engineering, and math. I suspect fear has overcome inspiration institutionalizing complacency as the new meme for our next generations unfulfillable dreams

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