It’s Time for Obama and Liberals to Cry ‘Uncle’

When will Barack Obama and his liberal supporters finally cry “Uncle”?

Obama was clearly the worst president in modern history. I’m not even talking about some of the terrible, certainly immoral, but quite possibly illegal actions Obama took…

I’m not talking using the power of the IRS to target, intimidate, persecute and destroy his political opponents (such as yours truly).

I’m not talking about agreeing to the most terrible, one-sided deal in America’s history- the Iran Treaty.

I’m not talking about forcing the FBI to stand down and not arrest the worst Hezbollah drug traffickers and human slave traffickers, in order to please the terrorist Mullahs of Iran.

I’m not talking about handing terrorist state Iran more US taxpayer money than they even asked for, to win favor for the Iran treaty. Or sending Iran hundreds of millions in foreign cash in an unmarked cargo plane to disguise a ransom payment.

I’m not talking about betraying our great ally Israel by tipping off Iran’s worst murdering general about an Israeli assassination attempt.

I’m not talking about using the NSA, DOJ and FBI to spy on Donald Trump and the Trump campaign. Or to illegally “unmask” Trump officials caught in wiretaps. Or to illegally obtain FISA warrants against Trump based on a fraudulent dossier paid for by the Hillary campaign.

I’ll let history and the special counselors of the Trump administration determine Obama’s legacy and potential criminal liability.

I’m only talking about the economy. Obama was the worst economic president in America’s history. And what he did to the working class and middle class people of America is an unforgivable sin.

Wasn’t it Obama who said manufacturing jobs were gone forever? Here’s the quote. “When somebody says…that he’s going to bring all these jobs back. Well how exactly are you going to do that? What are you going to do? There’s uh, uh, no answer to it…what magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he (Trump) doesn’t have an answer.”

This was Obama’s answer with the lives and livelihoods of American citizens at stake.

My last newspaper column celebrated Trump’s success at “Making America Rich Again.” Here are new economic results (i.e. facts) just since that column.

  • Manufacturing expanded in December at the fastest pace in 14 years. Measure of production increased to 65.8, the strongest since May of 2010. Gauge of new orders increased to 69.4, the strongest since 2004. Sixteen of 18 industries reported growth in December. Tim Fiore, Chairman of the ISM manufacturing business survey committee said, “With a report like this, I can’t do anything but smile.”
  • Goods-producing jobs (manufacturing and construction) were up by 600% in President Trump’s first year in office versus Obama’s last year. 500,000 new jobs under Trump vs. about 80,000 under Obama.
  • This comes on the heels of the manufacturing jobs report from November, showing 40,000 new jobs, the most in one month in history.
  • ADP just reported 250,000 new private sector jobs in December, far above expectations of 190,000.
  • Job cut announcements in 2017 were at the lowest level since 1990, a full 28 years ago.
  • The blue-chip Dow industrial index passed 25,000 for the first time in history.
  • Apple is set to bring at least $200 billion in foreign cash held offshore back to the USA, in response to the passage of Trump’s new tax law. How many new jobs, raises and bonuses will be created by $200 billion from just one company? By the way, why didn’t Obama try to get this offshore money back to the USA, if companies would reward their American employees? Did he also believe that was impossible? Did Obama even care?
  • In response to Trump’s new tax law, Jet Blue just announced $1000 bonuses to all 21,000 crew members.
  • Southwest Air and American Airlines announced $1000 bonuses for their combined 180,000 employees.
  • Nationwide Insurance announced bonuses for their 29,000 employees, plus increases to 401K retirement fund matching for 33,000 employees.

Why didn’t Obama champion tax cuts for corporations, if they’d reward their employees? Did he also think that was impossible? Did he even care?

The Trump economy is exploding. These are facts from just the past few days since my last column. Proving once and for all, Obama and his liberal supporters were wrong about everything. Blame it on ignorance. Or arrogance. Or perhaps serious negligence.

Either way, it’s time for Obama and his liberal supporters to cry “Uncle.”

Gem State Patriot News