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Editorial Opinion on the Charlottesville Tragedy

If you’re looking for a cause to the Charlottesville tragedy, you don’t have to look any further than the liberal media. This hatred we saw yesterday has been fostered by the liberal media were the ones fostering this hatred we saw yesterday each and every day in their broadcasts and daily tabloids.

This goes back through the entire Obama administration, which was the most divisive administration in modern history. The new mantra by the press is to use their fake news casters and writers to place the blame on President Trump for all of the current problems that plague our nation when in reality it is they who have been the root cause of these riots and protests that occur on a regular basis.

The press are the ones that should be accused of using Nazi tactics to incite these protests. One only has to look at World War II and the Joseph Goebbels propaganda machine which took control of all forms of communications in Germany. Is it any different here with the liberal progressive executives of the media companies taking control of everything we see, hear and read? Even the internet is controlled by Google which manipulates what they want you to see first when you pull up a topic.

The politicians are the other group that deserves the blame for the current problems by fostering the fake news for political gain instead of trying to solve the real problems like healthcare and tax reform. Many of these statues and monuments that they want to tear down have been standing for over 100 years and now we have this uprising by the crazies who think that we need to take down these historic monuments as they blame them for our race problems.

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We are not going to see these protests end until the press stops talking about them and our schools stop promoting them with their false teachings. Even worse are the various NGO’s who are literally paying to bus these violent protesters in from other states to cause these disruptions. No problems have ever been solved with violence and nothing will be in the future. This nation needs to heal itself but to do that we need the press to start the healing process by turning down the rhetoric and instead of causing problems finding solutions. My fear is that the media will do nothing but ratchet up the rhetoric and will cause more problems until people wake up and figure out that they are being manipulated each and every day. Once again it comes down to low information people being led to violence by those who wish to destroy our great Republic.

We Get the Government We Deserve as We Get the Media We Allow in Our Homes.

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