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History Needs to be Remembered

There is an old quote by George Santayana, and in its original form it read, ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’

As we continue to tear down the monuments of our historical past and refuse to teach this history in our schools, our children will surely forget these terrible mistakes that have been made and will be destined to repeat them. If you want to see real hatred, you only need to pick up a liberal newspaper or turn on a liberal media radio or TV station and read or listen to the vitriol comments that come out of the mouths of these self-proclaimed saviors of our country.

They have done just about everything possible as a group to make our president appear bad to the general populace. They portray hate in the truest sense yet President Trump continues to fight back and move forward with his agenda to “Make America Great Again”. We congratulate President Trump for standing up for all 63 million Americans that voted for him and hope he will continue to prevail.

What we don’t see is any help from the Republican crony establishment in helping him get his agenda passed. When you see the CEO of Merck Kenneth Frazier resign from the presidents American Manufacturing Council you have to think back that this is the same company that killed 60,000 people with its drug Vioxx and no one went to jail. It’s hard to believe that John McCain the supposed “Maverick from Arizona” cast the third dissenting vote to kill the reform of Obamacare but then maybe he is still upset that he didn’t win in the primary and is getting even for Trump’s remarks about his war history. Let’s face it, folks, the establishment in Washington corporate and political wants no part of changing the status-quo. They are not going to support Trump on anything that might give him a leg up so it is up to us to give him our support.

It’s time to stand up and be counted in some way to show the media and the crony republicans that they don’t run this country and it is run of the people by the people and for the people. How can you do your part? Cancel a subscription to your local liberal newspaper or turn off the TV and radio stations that are blasting our President for defending our rights. Call the sponsors of the stations and tell them you going to boycott their products if they continue to advertise on these media stations.

Make sure you are informed about those running for office in your towns, cities, and state so you don’t elect more of the same politicians that are part of this crony establishment group. Next year is a primary year for elections in our state and for our Washington congressional house seats. Be sure you don’t vote for those swamp creatures who will continue to impose big government and higher taxes on us. Do your homework and make sure your vote goes to a conservative who will stand up for your rights and support your values.

By now you should be tired of whining about the fake media and the progressive liberals. They are slowly becoming irrelevant to the 63% of America that voted to elect Donald Trump President. You can make a difference. Wake Up and Do Something!

Remember. “We Get the Government We Deserve”.