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Are Illegals the Democrats’ Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction?

Ever since President Obama left office there has been a coordinated effort to open our borders to illegal immigrants in hopes of inundating the U.S. with a huge mass migration of illegals that we cannot possibly cope with. This process started by Obama before he left office and was his way of changing the face of America forever as these illegals enter the U.S. and are shuttled to sanctuary cities and states who greet them cheerfully. This is what Obama meant by (Hope and Change) They provide these illegals with food, shelter and medical care with our tax dollars costing us billions of our tax dollars. This entire process has one purpose to change the demographics of these Blue cities and states so as to give them a larger representation of congressional seats through our census.

This nefarious plan was hatched during the Obama administration as being the only sure way for the left to succeed in changing our country once and for all. Most Americans do not know about the Global compact for safe orderly and regular migration. One of the key United Nations agreements behind the global migrant crisis. The U.S. originally joined the agreement under Obama in 2016. Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the agreement in 2017 but Joe Biden brought the U.S. back into the compact in 2021 after he took office. This is why it was so critical for Biden to win in 2020 when they pulled out all the stops to get him elected. Countries like Panama originally thought they would have a benefit by signing this U.N. pact where migration would be controlled because one of the conditions of the pact was that migration must be safe organized and regular however, it does not come close to meeting any of those three conditions.

The primary route for these illegals to follow is the Panamanian Highway which goes all the way from South America to Alaska but there is something called the Darian Gap which causes a bottleneck with high cliffs and jungle as this unfinished Panamanian highway stops at this gap leaving the immigrants at the mercy of the cartels to shuttle them through this dangerous terrain with the help of U.N. NGOs. The government of Panama has tried to control this migration but has been sued by the Inter American Court of human rights because they had signed the U.N. compact. These NGOs who are aiding these illegals have enormous power. When the Panamanian government cracks down on the cartels and secures their border and saves lives the NGOs sound the alarm and the U.N. files suit and the mainstream press begins a smear campaign. The globalists make them feel inhuman while all they are doing is trying to save lives and control their borders.

It is the global compact of migration signed by over 154 countries that gives these NGOs the ability to work freely in all of them. The cartels run most of this border crossing trade of migrants and the process is costly in terms of the lives lost of those who are vulnerable to the whims of these cartels both monetarily and physically. Robbery is as common as rape to these migrants trying to reach the U.S. Believe it or not it is illegal to promote migration in Panama punishable by 15 to 20 years in prison yet it is one of the largest of the U.N. NGO processing centers to aid illegals in finding their way to the U.S. border. Panama’s newly elected President Jose Raul Mulino has promised to tackle the migration problem the question is will he actually keep this promise. Our border patrol under President Biden has become nothing more than a welcome wagon for any illegal immigrants seeking asylum in our country. They can hold them for 72 hours and then they are released with a court date for which 90% never show up. Our borders are wide open and will remain that way as long as Joe is in charge.

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Stage 2 – Activate the trained NGOs to create Chaos and Anarchy

For three years these illegals have been shuttled to the many major sanctuary cities in the U.S. that have protected them and provide them with food, shelter, medical care and spending money. The Problem is that most of these cities are now running out of money to pay for these necessities and the illegals are getting restless with no money and limited work for most. We have created the perfect storm. When people don’t have access to the necessities in life you will soon find desperation rearing its ugly head and people will do whatever they have to for their survival. The disruptions that millions of angry people can create is beyond the pale as we saw what happened in 2020 with the riots in many of our major cities. It is hard to imagine what will happen when we have even 10 or 20% of these illegals who decided that they will no longer obey our laws. Chaos will ensue and it is anybody’s guess how much damage that could occur to both life and property if there is a movement to take what they need rather than wait for it to be provided. To be sure the NGOs paid for by the likes of Soros, Rockefeller and Pritzker will be out stirring up the illegals just like they have stirred up the students at our universities.

We have already seen how difficult it has been to stop the Hate Israel groups on our major university campus without a tremendous effort by the police. These NGOs have trained and paid these criminals who are inciting riots at our universities. Do you think for a minute that they would hesitate to do the same with the illegals in our cities? We have seen the damage that a few hundred students can do to their campuses. Can you imagine what thousands of desperate illegals could do if they were to riot? Our police would be hard pressed to control them as most of our big cities have lost or cut up to 25% of their police force. Even if the National Guard were called out would they have the manpower to stem the tide of a million or 2 million illegals who are desperate to survive? The answer is we do not know if they could be controlled and I for one hope we don’t have to find out but this potential problem is there and it is real. As if this is not enough of a problem, we need to keep in mind that the head of the FBI has said that all the terror warning lights are blinking RED and we have no idea how many terrorists have crossed into our country undetected.

Stage 3 – Declare Martial Law & Mail in voting only or Delay the election?

If the worst of the worst were to happen what would Joe Biden do to keep order? Would he declare Martial Law and call out the military to restore order in our major cities just before the election? Would he require only mail in voting only for the safety of the public? (Remember, folks, Democrats have been trained to vote early and often) Would he try to suspend the elections until things were calmed down? The answer is no one knows what Crazy Joe would do but you can be sure that his advisors will take full advantage of this type of situation. You should also figure that any decisions he makes will not be good for America. All I will say is Vote Early to make sure your vote counts because if we don’t elect Donald Trump and take the house and senate this November 5th, I seriously doubt that we will ever get another chance to take our country back.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”.

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3 replies on “Are Illegals the Democrats’ Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction?”

Yes, it’s a big problem people from all over the world are coming through Panama complements of the UN & US.
Just as big a problem is the Jew investation. Throughout history, they have been thrown out of and persecuted by every country they have been in for good reason. That is why they created the so-called State of Israel where other states have no say in what they do. The students who demonstrate against Israel can demonstrate against anything they want no problem, just not Israel. Is-ra-el needs to be demonstrated against much more and boycotted like the plague.

As a working Peace Officer in SoCal, I watched this invasion start in the 1970’s. This is nothing new. The Dead Elephant Party wanted cheap, union-busting labor and the Marxist Infanticide Party wanted ignorant, subservient voters. And here we are. No one is coming to save you. Plan accordingly.

Your Treasure Valley elected representatives are actively promoting the importation of illegals as cheap labor for their campaign contributors.
Ask ‘em.

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