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Let the Games Begin

The Democrats have a little less than 11 months to flood our country with illegals and find a way to give them citizenship so they can vote in the upcoming 2024 election. If you think for one minute that this is not their ultimate goal, you have your head buried in the sand.

The democratic controlled senate has already made their first attempt to jam through a bipartisan bill to allow 5,000 more illegals to enter our country every day, which is more than 1.8 million per year. The House Speaker has said that this bill is dead on arrival, but the dems will try to spin this by claiming that the Republicans’ rejection of this terrible Senate compromise is now responsible for an open border.

There is much more to this piece of legislation than meets the eye and the big question is why do we even need more legislation when we have the necessary tools to close the border on the books? All that needs to be done is to make it known loud and clear that we are going to revert to the previous border policies instituted by the Trump administration and the flow will stop. Unfortunately, Bumbling Biden will never go back to any of Trump’s policies when it comes to immigration.

When Biden was elected, the first items on his agenda were to get rid of all of Trump’s policies from the border to drilling for oil and natural gas. Some of the millions of immigrants who have crossed the border illegally are simply looking for a better economic environment, but the real problem lies in the tens of thousands of young men of military age who are here for potentially nefarious reasons.

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It has been reported by the N.Y. Post that since October of 2022, 39,575 Chinese Nationals have crossed into the U.S. If you count the previous 3 years back to September of 2019, the figure is a staggering 69,000 more Chinese for a total of over 100,000. Does anyone think they are coming here to open new Chinese restaurants or laundries? Friends, this is truly an invasion and this doesn’t even count the potential terrorists from other countries—and we have no idea where most of these people are as the government isn’t keeping track of them.

Make no bones about it, this whole border crisis was planned and it’s my opinion that we are being set up for the illegals to create chaos in many of our cities. We are now hearing on the news from some credible sources that the chance of a terrorist attack is approaching 100%, and yet our border remains wide open. It is only because of the actions of states like Texas that we are seeing any reduction in encounters. The President is supposed to protect our borders, yet Biden has challenged every attempt to stop the flow with more lawsuits; the most recent one was a challenge to the razor wire Texas is using to protect its border.

As critical resources are stretched to the limit, tempers will begin to flare as the illegals will become more desperate in their search for shelter, food, and medical care. People can only be pushed so far when it comes to these basic needs before they revolt. As it becomes more evident that these cities can’t accommodate them, the potential for violence will continue to grow.

We know there are countless criminals, cartel members, gang members, and over one hundred thousand Chinese nationals who have already infiltrated our country. Don’t think for a minute that they are here to become good, law-abiding citizens. It is only a matter of time before these unsavory groups will find access to firearms and create more criminal activity and confrontation with law enforcement. These sanctuary cities will not have the ability to accommodate their demands and we will first see demonstrations take place and when demands are not met, violence will break out.

How long do you think the citizens of these cities will put up with the disturbances? Eventually, they will fight back and more violence will occur. Police are now at their lowest levels in a quarter century, especially in our inner cities. I don’t believe they would be able to contain hundreds or even thousands of insurgents who would be wreaking havoc. It would make the riots of 2020 look like a walk in the park.

While I personally believe that this invasion was planned before Joe Biden was seated as president, he is the means to an end for the progressives. I seriously doubt that Joe is running the show in his current state of mind. I believe, as do many others, that this has all of the earmarks of something devised by former president Obama as it appears to have been well-planned and financed. Remember Obama’s campaign slogan, “Hope and Change”. His admitted goal was to fundamentally transform the United States through culture and what better way than forcibly integrating 10 or 20 million more illegal immigrants? Biden is no more than a puppet who will be blamed for this invasion, but it is more than likely that the Obama crew is behind the scenes promoting this atrocity.

If my scenario proves to be correct, we will likely see a repeat of the 2020 riots on a larger scale in some of our big liberal cities, which could cause Biden to call out the National Guard and declare a national emergency and even martial law. He could even tell Americans that he is going to suspend elections until things get back to normal, but at that stage, how do you decide what normal is?

There is much controversy in how much authority a sitting president would have during an actual National Emergency. There are also many varied opinions on just what powers a president would have. I only hope and pray that it does not come to that. Unfortunately, the progressives and the bureaucrats who run Washington are scared to death of another four years of Trump—and for good reason. He will dismantle the bureaucracy piece by piece and will take no prisoners.

We should all be aware that the left has weaponized the media, both social and broadcast, to be their propaganda machine. We also know that they are still censoring social media and have weaponized our DOJ, FBI, and other federal agencies to do all in their power to make sure Trump does not win.

The big question is just how far will they go to stop Trump and the MAGA movement? I fear we will soon find out.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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One reply on “Let the Games Begin”

We do indeed get the government we deserve. This includes a bunch of quislings we have duly elected here in Idaho.
Ask your state Rep., your state Senator or any of your US Congressional representatives about the tens of thousands of illegals that have been imported to our state since Biden was elected.
Ask them where they are, who they are and why they have been allows to stay.
Are they working? If yes, where? If no, are they receiving state assistance?
Are they buying cars? Are they buying guns? Does your Representative know? Does he care?
Good luck.

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