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Queensbury Rules or No Holds Barred

Did it ever occur to anyone that all the out of State money going into the Defend and Protect Idaho PAC, The Governor’s PAC, and the Idaho Freedom PAC may be coming from the same places in many cases?

What better way to help the Idaho GOP implode than to up fund both sides of the battle. Conservative or RINO it doesn’t matter. Win a few battles—take out some big targets Glenneda ZUIDERVELD, Chuck Winder, Mike Moyle etc.—it doesn’t matter their ideology, just get the factions from within the party fighting and they will do more damage to each other than the Dems or the media. Much more damage can be done by such asymmetric political warfare than could be ever inflicted on the GOP by the Dems in the fall general elections.

If I were an Idaho Dem or an out of State money bundler, I would disperse my money in a tactical fashion trying for an end result of an ever-increasing disunity in the Idaho GOP. I wouldn’t care about political philosophy or ideology or even competence, or if my candidate had ever had a job or paid taxes or lived at home with their parents. I would send money to campaigns that would result in the most disruption within the party. Competence and political philosophy wouldn’t matter to me—just chaos and disruption ala Saul Alinsky.

Maybe Geroge Soros and the boys are playing both sides against the middle—In Idaho!

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Until we pass laws that allow for contributions from only within a political district, those outside those districts and outside our State will have an entre toward creating chaos. They already have too much control over our political process and our elections—Think about Take Back Idaho.

At least in the primaries there should be no room for veiled ad hominem attacks or tactics of caricature and the fictionalizing of personalities. Keep to the issues and the facts please.

The attacks on Mike Moyle and Glenneda Zuiderveld are similarly calumnious and fictional.

Keep to the Queensberry Rules. If it gets down to bare knuckles nobody wins—especially Idaho Republicans.

The damage done by the “prominent Republicans” that supported Tom Arkoosh against Raul Labrador in the last Attorney General Race is still a stale-foul taste in the mouths of Idaho Conservatives. The only thing that was accomplished by such a childish tantrum was that we Republicans came to know the “prominent elitist swells” didn’t carry much influence anymore.

Keep it clean or “no holds barred”

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