2022 General Election Voter Guide

Tea Party Bob’s Candidate Picks

Voter Guide to aid you in making an informed vote for the 2022 election.

I have compiled a list from researching a number of different sources such as campaign websites, the Idaho Freedom Foundation, and others. I believe these candidates will best serve the citizens of Idaho.

Be sure to vote YES on the Constitutional Amendment SJR 102 and DISAPPROVE on the Idaho Advisory Question.

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U.S. SenateScott Oh Cleveland (IND)
U.S. Representative Dist. 1Russell Fulcher (R)
GovernorAmmon Bundy (IND)
Lt. GovernorPro-Life [Marvin Richardson] (CON)
State ControllerMiste Gardner (CON)
State TreasurerJulie A. Elsworth (R)
Attorney GeneralRaul Labrador (R)
State Rep Dist. 1AMark Sauter
State Rep. Dist. 1BSage Dixon
State Senator Dist. 1Scott Herndon
State Rep. Dist. 2AHeather Scott
State Rep. Dist. 2BDale Hawkins
State Senator Dist. 2Phil Hart
State Rep. Dist. 3BVito Barbieri
State Senator Dist. 3Doug “Doug O” Okuniewicz
State Rep. Dist.5ARon Mendive
State Rep. Dist. 5BTony Wisniewski
State Senator Dist. 6Dan Foreman
State Rep. Dist. 7AMile Kingsley
State Rep. Dist. 7BCharlie Shepherd
State Senator Dist. 7Cindy Carlson
State Rep. Dist. 8BTony Ullrich
State Rep. Dist. 9BJudy Boyle
State Rep. Dist. 10AMike Moyle
State Rep. Dist. 10BBruce Skaug
State Senator Dist. 10Tammy Nichols
State Rep. Dist. 11BChris Allgood
State Senator Dist. 11Chris Trakel
State Rep. Dist. 13ABrent Crane
State Senator Dist. 13Brian Lenney
State Rep. Dist. 14ATed Hill
State Rep. Dist. 14BJosh Tanner
State Rep. Dist. 15ASteve Keyser
State Rep. Dist. 15BDori Healey
State Senator Dist. 15Codi Galloway
State Rep. Dist. 20AJoe Palmer
State Rep. Dist. 20BJames Holtzclaw
State Rep. Dist. 21ADaniel Weston
State Rep. Dist. 21BJeff Ehlers
State Rep Dist. 22AJohn Vander Woude
State Rep. Dist. 22BJason Monks
State Senator Dist. 22Lori Den Hartog
State Rep. Dist. 23AMelissa Durrant
State Rep. Dist. 23BTina Lambert
State Senator Dist. 24Glenneda Zulderveld
State Senator Dist. 25Paul Thompson
State Rep. Dist. 25BLiyah Babayan
State Rep. Dist. 29BJake Stevens
State Senator Dist. 29David T. Worley
State Rep. Dist. 30BJulianne Young
State Rep. Dist. 33ABarbara Ehardt
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7 replies on “2022 General Election Voter Guide”

Mark Sauter in LD1 is a true RINO. He will be the new Jim Woodward of LD1. Sauter and Dixon were not endorsed by the Bonner County Republican Central Committee.

Hi Mike
We try not to recommend candidates that we don’t have a good read on. We would rather not comment than to make a big error.

Surprised you didn’t list Kirsten Faith Richardson for District 14 Senate seat. I thought Pro Life who you recommended for Lt. Gov was her husband.

Thank you, Bob. And all the spot-on contributors here at the GSP, and the readers who support it. This site is a beacon showing the way through the Idaho R.I.N.O. jungle.

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