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How Demographics Affect Elections

As reported by both Fox News and MSNBC, there have been some very interesting insights found in the exit polling after last Tuesday’s midterm elections. One of the most interesting is that the most “Blue” group of people—60% voted the Democratic line—were single working women. The strongest two groups for Republicans were mothers with more than one child in the home, and the owners of small businesses. The strongest group advocating for abortion rights were single women without children—not fathers of daughters as advertised pre-election.

It would be interesting to create a three-dimensional Venn Diagram to demonstrate the commonality between these groups and show their commonality with people who have a Master’s, Doctorate, or professional degree. Another diagram could be created connecting mothers with children at home, those who attend church regularly and pray and say grace as a family, and adult men and women who either identify themselves as being small businesspeople—including farmers and ranchers, and those working in a trade.

Regarding the abortion issue, there are two groups who have been identified who make up most having abortions in our country. In large urban areas —New York City for example, Black unmarried women are more likely to have an abortion than carry a child to term—60% of Black pregnancies end up in an abortion in NYC.

In the suburbs and locals adjacent to large Universities, white working women with at least a college degree have been incentivized socially and professionally—in some cases their employers are offering to pay for abortions, to not carry their pregnancies to term, and they are more likely to terminate their pregnancies.

As our population is growing in Idaho, we are seeing the Christian Family spiritual ethic, being replaced by a humanistic, material, and utilitarian values. In Florida, quite the opposite is happening for a couple of reasons. Particularly in South Florida where the Cuban American community has always been influential in business and politics, and the culture and their values reflect Catholic Christian values and virtues, conservative politicians are thriving and leading. But another thing is happening in Florida, and that is the people moving into the State are leaving places where socialism, atheistic humanism and command economies have failed miserably. Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, and New York State are all “failed” states. And it is not just political institutions that have failed in those locals. Business, markets, schools, and universities are failing. There is a “brain drain” from socialist states to Florida on a scale far higher than what is happening in our State. Think about the growth that could be happening in Idaho if we had a Governor and a legislature that was willing to stand up to “woke corporatism” instead of being supplicant to corporate CEOs, hospital boards and administrators, teachers’ unions, and their lobbyists who fund their campaigns and are really calling the shots. Just like in Washington DC where those creating political strategy benefit from a titular weak head of State like Joe Biden, who does exactly what Mr. Obama and those in the deep State tell him to do, in Idaho Alex Lebow and IACI are lurking behind a veil of Republican Party symbiotic legitimacy. Only with the strong backing of corporate interests could Brad Little receive 60% of the vote. Mr. Little is not “the Brand”. The Republican Party is not “the brand”. IACI and the lobbyists are “THE BRAND” and we all know Brad “Rides for the brand”

Conservatives must be wise enough to understand that our fight is not with Mr. Little, but with the puppet masters who pull the strings. We must develop a network worthy of the political power of IACI et. all. It will not be the Republican Party in Idaho unless it expunges the puppet masters and extricates itself from the corporatist’s branding.

I believe there are two ways in which we could proceed. The first I will call the Virginia Plan. In that State a Muslim mother with several children at home, who had worked in previous political campaigns for Barak Obama, led a grass roots campaign—more accurately it was a political war against the Hilary Clinton, George Soros backed Terry McAuliffe and helped Governor Glen Younkin and Lt. Governor Winsome Sears—a mother and military veteran, surprisingly beat the Democratic machine. A machine much more entrenched in Virginia than the RINO machine is in Idaho.

The second way is to deploy DeSantis tactics (The Florida Plan) A single politician with a “brand” of his or her own can carry WE THE PEOPLE on their backs and create a political movement that can last for many years. We have several people in our State that have such political and personal bona fides. I think of Russ Fulcher, Dorothy Moon, and Raul Labrador. The key will be to not let our opponents create a situation where they will devour themselves. I would encourage all three of them to privately get together and develop a strategy and a battle plan moving forward. There are plenty of political opportunities that will open in the next few years. Governorships and maybe two US Senator positions.

In the meantime, the “MAMA BEARS” need to come out in force. The problem is that full-time stay-at-home mothers are working well over 100 hours a week, and the professional “ladies”, women—you choose the pronouns, have far more time to be engaged politically—How many college professors work 100 hours per week? And husbands, fathers, and grandparents need to come out and support conservative causes in front of school boards and city councils. We have been for too long waiting for Republican Politicians to lead. It is time for those at the front and for WE THE PEOPLE to stake out the conservative high ground and reestablish Idaho values. Just like what was done in Virginia and Florida.

In Virginia, it was as Rudyard Kipling pointed out the “Female of The Species”

“When the Himalayan peasant meets the he-bear in his pride,
He shouts to scare the monster, who will often turn aside.
But the she-bear thus accosted rends the peasant tooth and nail,
For the female of the species is more deadly than the male”.

Time to fight in Idaho just like they did in Virginia and Florida

“If not now, when?” “If not you, who?”

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Idaho had a chance to get the kind of governor you describe. One who was willing to stand up to “woke corporatism”. One with a network worthy of the political power of IACI. One who stood proudly with WE THE PEOPLE to create a political movement that can last for many years. That governor was Ammon Bundy.

Idaho squandered its chance on November 8. It may be too late to try again.

Yes Elizabeth, I concur totally with your comment. Ammon Bundy IS the one who can do what is necessary to save Idaho. Ammon is not a Statist. Little and gang are lowly night crawlers and RINO enablers. AKA political hacks.

Ammon has the total plan for Idahoan’s. LOWER taxes, Freedom, truly American values, and etc.

The problem is that many people call themselves “conservative”, but they are really “statists” who believe that government is the “solution to our problems”. Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and DJT understood and respected the limitations of government. I believe Ron Desantis, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and several of our Republican Governors (not Idaho’s) have the same understanding. As governments grow at any level, they become less responsive to citizens. Government is growing exponentially in Idaho and in Washington DC. Citizens are being crushed.

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