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Why No Constitutional Convention for 236 Years?

During the upcoming legislative session legislators will be under pressure to pass an Idaho Call for a Conference of States. This will lead to a second Constitutional Convention. Mark Meckler, Chairman of the Conference of States organization will try to persuade you that a Constitutional Convention is a good thing. Below are several great reasons why NOT to hold another convention which could lead to the destruction of many of our individual rights and liberties under our present US Constitution.

Please read the following and contact your Idaho State Senator and Representatives to oppose any Idaho call for a conference of states that would lead to a second Constitutional Convention. A bad idea!

A concerned citizen, Adrian Arp, Ph.D.


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The fifth article of our Constitution provides two methods of amending the Constitution: 1) through proposals made by Congress, and 2) through a federal convention for proposing amendments. All 27 amendments to our Constitution have come through Congress. None have come through the Article V convention process. Why? There are very good reasons why no convention has been held since the first one in 1787.

Reason Number One:

Because the United States Constitution is not defective. The Article V convention method was created to correct mistakes that were expected, and which Congress might refuse to correct. But for 236 years no such mistakes have shown up.

Reason Number Two:

An Article V convention has never been called because it cannot be limited. Thirty-four state legislatures can initiate the convention process, but they cannot limit a convention to a specific amendment. Why? Because a convention is a sovereign assembly of the people, which is a higher authority than state and federal governments. Were it not for this fact, a convention would have no power to create government. Only the people of the United States have government-making power which they exercise in a convention run by delegates who are proxies of the people. Accordingly, only a convention can create, amend, or abolish government.

Reason Number Three:

The idea of amending the Constitution because it is not obeyed makes about as much sense as changing the Ten Commandments because we disobey them.

Made up excuses for an Article V convention.

The groups pushing for a convention ignore history when trying to get state legislators to call for a federal convention. Here are a few of the excuses they give for calling a convention:

They insist that we need a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Okay, why does our Constitution not require a balanced federal budget in the first place? Because instead of limiting dollars, our Founding Fathers limited powers; and they listed each of those powers in the Constitution. If Congress acted only on what the Constitution allows in spending according to Article 1, Section 8, it would be impossible for spending to exceed revenues. Where, for example, is the authority for a Department of Energy, a Department of Education, Environmental Protection Agency, Housing and Urban Development, Department of Transportation, and many other agencies that violate the Constitution and run up the cost of government? Obviously, those powers do not exist. Have you noticed that the con con men never suggest balancing the budget by holding government to its legal powers under the present US Constitution?

They insist that we need Term Limits for members of Congress.

The con con lobby plays up the term limits idea with great passion, as if it’s a whole new concept. But they forget to tell our state legislators that we had term limits under the Articles of Confederation and the idea was a complete flop. It failed because term limits gave us a perpetual lame duck Congress. Politicians who were corruption-prone got their corruption over with early. They did not care about their reputations because they did not have to face the voters a second time.

Term limits were discussed extensively during the 1787 Convention and rejected unanimously by our inspired founders. The ballot box leaves us free to limit or to extend terms any time we want.

They insist on limiting the power of the Supreme Court.

The con con men must think nobody ever reads the Constitution. First, justices of the Supreme Court can be impeached and removed for such things as Roe v. Wade or same sex marriage. Secondly, the Constitution gives Congress even more power. Under Article III, Section 2, paragraph 2 it lays out the appellate powers of the high court “with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make.” That’s pretty clear, is it not? Have we ever required our congressmen to regulate the Supreme Court and get rid of all of its immoral decisions?

No good reason to mess with the Constitution.

I do not pretend to know anything our esteemed scholars do not know. I am certain, however, that they know there are no valid reasons for a modern convention. But the con con scheme is funded by the global elite including George Soros who have grand plans for a new constitution. That’s why their “reasons” for a convention are specious and fall apart when we examine them. James Madison, considered the Father of the US Constitution, was very much against having a second convention.

Today’s Congress in charge of a convention?

As you consider our present political situation, the woke mentality of our leaders, and the duplicity of our national media, can you imagine what the powers in Washington would do to our Constitution in a modern convention? They have listed Idaho as a special target for 2024. We must fight that goal with all the energy we can muster—and with the help of God who gave us our Constitution.

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5 replies on “Why No Constitutional Convention for 236 Years?”

If they don’t follow the Constitution now, what makes anyone believe they will follow something that may be better?
Term limits curtails the right of the citizen to vote for whom they want. The problem is not how long the person remains in office. The problem is the education of the voter. An electorate will only vote in the clone of the person who is term-limited.
The overall solution is the education of the electorate not changing the Constitution.


ANSWER: Because the constitutional framers rejected Yahweh as America’s Sovereign and this His immutable/unchanging moral law as supreme, commencing with the Declaration of Independence* and culminating eleven years later with the biblically seditious Constitution.**

*See free online book “Biblical Examination of the Declaration of Independence: Declaration of Liberty vs. Declaration of Independence” at

**See free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective,” in which every Article and Amendment is examined by the Bible, at

Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the sidebar and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “BL vs. USC.”

What would you have instead of our God-inspired present Constitution? Socialists like Soros and liberal radicals want to get their hands on our Constitution to eliminate our individual liberties and freedoms in our Bill of Rights to consolidate all power and control in the hands of the Federal Government. It would result in a tyrannical dictatorship. A concerned citizen, Adrian Arp, Ph.D.

I couldn’t agree more. Everyone needs to contact their legislator and tell them NO ARTICLE V CONVENTION OF STATES!!!

I watched the “mock Con-con” put on by the group who is pushing this and what happened was EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAID WOULD NOT HAPPEN. It went off the rails and things were proposed that were not on the agenda!

VOTE NO ON A CON-CON. Idaho has been targeted. They want us to sign on. It would be a major mistake.

Thanks for your great article.

Carolyn – You and Adrian Arp repeat the leftists myths, lies and legends from the John Birchers. Go read, The Law of article V. by Natelson then come back and admit you are ignorant of article V, the safeguards in place for it, and your lack of knowledge n the Coonstitution. OK – then opine as right now you look ridiculous!

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