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Op-Ed: More Winder Transgressions

Well understood by those paying attention is the now morphed system we have from representation of the people to crony capitalism, or corporate representation. Elected officials in bed with corporations and third party entities, deals made that benefit those groups and those officials who are in bed with them, and new unconstitutional paths being forced on the people because of those relationships.

Senate President Pro Tempore Chuck Winder not only plays this role in the gas industry, but as a member of the Senate Transportation Committee, he also colludes with corporations, other states, and other countries in changing the transportation system throughout the northwest into Canada.

Through his Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) membership, he is the Co-chair of the Transportation Working Group that is driving Idaho into the ground with the electric vehicle and other agendas.

He is also on the Infrastructure Finance Working Group, which “plays an important role by sharing best practices and the public benefits of public-private projects (P3).” In other words, the enmeshment of government with corporations. Another focus area of this group is to “draw attention to the success of P3s.” To advance this treason, the plan is to “inventory each jurisdiction’s legislative statutory framework for public private partnerships.” Yes, let’s change the statutes to advance this treason and yes, let’s celebrate and rejoice over the destruction of our Republic with corporatism rather than representation. More information can be found under the Resources Summit Agenda tab.

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As part of the Transportation Working Group, PNWER was “selected for the Department of Transportation Build America Bureau’s Regional Infrastructure Accelerator (RIA) program” which focuses on obtaining private funding for projects such as rail and electric vehicle corridors, including Canada. For rail projects, one of the potential partners waiting in the wings for some bucks is BSNF. More information on these rail plans can be found in the videos here.

Mr. Winder has had his hands in transportation for some time, starting as Co-chairman Treasure Valley Transit Coalition, which eventually changed its name to Moving Idaho Forward, an Idaho Transportation Infrastructure: Moving Idaho Forward program.

Governor Little is not innocent in this treasonous fraud. He created the Executive Order, Pacific Northwest Economic Region Idaho Council that includes Canada and dragged in more legislative representatives and private sector members to be Co-Chairs. This is nothing more than an expansion of the Idaho Statute that supports PNWER.

Just this summer all were invited to Boise (last article), coinciding with the PNWER Annual Summit, most likely entertained at taxpayers’ expense, and exalt Lt. Governor Scott Bedke as Chair of the PNWER Idaho Council to further plunder representation of the people. Part of the discussion involved the Greater Northwest Passenger Rail Forum which held its summit at the same time in Boise. The RIA plan was even presented before the Senate Transportation Committee. Nothing like Winder’s pet projects getting priority. The 2022 PNWER summit had some corporate sponsors that maybe Mr. Winder can cozy up to. Mr. Winder is also broadening his disloyalty to Idaho by expanding his influence to other areas in the PNWER President’s Initiative. Nowhere does it state the intention to work with Idahoans, just other countries, states, and Tribes.

What Mr. Winder is ignorant of is that this type of transportation system was tried before in the Trans-Texas Corridor. That plan violated property rights by mowing over several states in order to create a network of multi-modal transportation corridors connecting Mexican Seaports to Canada.

What really makes Mr. Winder look like a fool, aside from the fact that he demonstrated his ineptness as Senate President Pro Tempore, is that it might just be possible Idahoans would be interested in a rail system as an alternative to flying or driving. Instead, he chooses to go through the back door and strengthen his weak ego by joining hands with other corrupt politicians and corporations. It never ceases to amaze how blind one is to one’s own behavior, He personally was clearly very threatened by three senators who exposed the truth, putting him at risk of being exposed for his malfeasance, and chose to abuse his position by reprimanding them. Luckily, he can be exposed by other means. Yep, Mr. Winder is the fool here.

Jim Jones now has his whitey-tighties in a wad that Mr. Winder “has had his fill of incivility in the ranks”. Mr. Jones has that backwards. It is Mr. Winder that has degraded the Senate branch by disrespecting the role of the Senate and not upholding both the Idaho and U.S. Constitutions through his engagements with other entities that exclude Idahoans. Mr. Jones may be a Vietnam combat veteran but he clearly did not learn anything about corrupt governments and that role does not give him license to also degrade Senate branch members.

Waiting for the next election is not going to fix this. It was the intent of our Founders that if an elected official served poorly, he could be voted out. But that doesn’t work anymore. The corruption is so deep, and the Constitution so violated, that it might be time for their other guidance to abolish this government and start over. Maybe that would include prohibiting any involvement in regional groups, banning all cavorting around with corporate crooks, and demanding Idaho become a sovereign state. Meanwhile, these state officials continue to create rules that supports their unethical activities.

Who is willing to take the risk to actually stand up to these corrupt state officials? And how can that be done?

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