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When Public Schools Indoctrinate Instead of Educate our Children

CRT = Can’t Rely on Teachers

Our country has done very well for the past 247 years without the Wokeness, CRT, and Transgendreism being introduced into our public education system, colleges, and corporate culture. Since its inception, it has done nothing but cause a huge amount of angst among parents, students, educators, and school board administrators.

The elitists of the world have been chipping away for decades at the fundamental rights that our forefathers fought and died for. These elitists don’t seem to understand that we don’t have a living constitution that can be changed at will. Our constitution was written to preserve our liberties and was not meant to be changed any time some political hack doesn’t like or agree with what it says.

It is no different in our public education system which was meant to educate our children in the 3 r’s. It wasn’t supposed to indoctrinate them into Wokeness, Critical Race Theory, or gender transitioning which has been taught secretly to our children in our public education system without our knowledge for many years. If our public school system needs to stop the indoctrination of our kids and those teachers who refuse or circumvent and continue teaching this garbage need to be fired.

Ronald Regan said it best that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction” and we are now staring at this possibility. Our public schools have had 5 or 6 decades to plant the seeds of socialism in the minds of our children and these new woke ideas are now tearing apart America’s culture. It is getting to the point where we have board of education meetings that are so contentious and volatile they have to be closed down. These meetings are packed with conservative citizens who are finally questioning what is being taught to their children and rightly so. Look how fast the trustees closed down the Caldwell meeting when they were questioned about the curriculum being taught to our kids. We are seeing this happen throughout our country and the only way to stop it is for parents to get involved by running for positions on these boards against the leftists who currently populate them.

I can’t tell you how many times I have written about how bad Idaho’s schools ranking is nationally, particularly in graduation rates. We have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into our public education system, over three hundred million this year. All we have to show for it is school boards who refuse to listen to the will of the people and the continuation of bad policies and curriculums with teachers who secretly teach Wokeness and CRT to our children. Mark my words Governor Little is not going to seriously expand school choice where the money follows the children because politicians are tethered to the Teachers’ unions who pay for their reelection campaigns. We need more schools sponsored by religious organizations and private charter schools like the Treasure Valley Classical Academy and the Ambrose school. We can no longer trust the education of our children to our elected officials as they have proven that they don’t want to teach, they want to indoctrinate. It is time we changed the system and bring back schools that teach morals, ethics, American history, and personal responsibility and not this crazy wokeness, CRT, and transgenderism.

We the people are the ones who put our tax money on the line and have trusted our political leaders and educators to teach our children and they have broken a sacred trust and failed miserably. It is time to change the system and if that means closing down public schools and firing teachers then so be it. We have waited too long to act because we were all too busy making a living to pay the taxes needed to run our schools which have failed us so miserably. Year after year the administrators and the administration of our schools continue to absorb 30% of our school budgets and we have nothing to show for it but bad graduation rates and indoctrination to leftist CRT and Wokeness. Wake up citizens of Idaho and demand your legislators give you a choice in the education that your children get before this next generation is also lost to this government-sponsored indoctrination.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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Obviously, throwing money at the problem does not work; that’s been tried through repeated attempts to double down on that which does not work. The best solution — until public schools and teachers unions reform their attitudes and return to basics — is for as many parents as possible to abandon public schools and return to homeschooling.

In light of the steep decline of public school education and morals country-wide, watch these encouraging interviews with home schooled young people who are grateful, engaging, well-adjusted, and successful as a result. Details:

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