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Our Clergy Must Stand Up for God and Country NOW!

A tsunami of evil is growing against the Christian community and needs to be stopped. Our forefathers were willing to do certain things to give us this God given nation that today’s Christian community seems all too willing to give up to the left. Our forefathers gave up trying to appease the British noted by the infamous words of Patrick Henry “Give me Liberty or Give me Death”. There was no middle ground if they wanted freedom and they were willing to put their material comforts and very lives at risk to accomplish their goal believing it was the will of God. Today the Christian community enjoys unprecedented wealth and are convinced that God wants them to stay within the confines of their church putting nothing at risk especially their tax-exempt status. They believe that the government has given them this tax-exempt status so they will stay out of the political arena to the point where it has become a leash and cage to control the Godly by the ungodly.

Our founding fathers took bold action and prosecuted a long war against overwhelming odds and understood that God would only give them victory if they exhibited a willingness to take action. Today’s average pastor is looking for harmony, peace and eventually retirement and they are not looking for any action that would create discomfort, conflict, or disruption. They need to realize that this is a time for Christians to become as vocal, visible and as politically powerful as their “enemies”. They must stop fearing the loss of their tax-exempt status, political consequences and the vitriolic sound of mainstream media. They need to stand up for Christian moral standards as our forefathers did.

The liberal culture has a huge dislike for the Christian community and the two that stand out are the LGBTQ community and the abortion industry. Their ideology, morals, and lifestyle are diametrically opposed to the bible, and there is no middle ground or compromise between these groups and those who believe the Bible to be the moral guidelines of God. It is possible for Christians to be as visible, vocal, and politically powerful as these two groups but only if these Christian denominations unite and collectively bring their assets to bear on their enemies.

Until the leaders of these Fundamental churches unite their power bases nothing will change as there is currently no inclination to step out of their safety zones. They see the church roof is leaking but have no inclination to fix it. Fear is the foremost reason why evangelical pastors do not take action, and secondly, because they have not personally experienced the consequences of their inaction yet. The consequences of their inaction will eventually destroy them as the LGBTQ community and pro-abortionists continue to win legal battles in our courts on same-sex marriage and sex-oriented anti-discrimination and abortion laws? For years they have been taking control of liberal denominations with gay pastors and bishops. With the control they have of the liberal media, the entertainment industry, and the public school system they have been changing public opinion to one of acceptance.

Homosexuality has become perverse throughout our culture. We only need to look at our TV programming, movies, and the internet which are all laced with homosexuality and pornography. At their current rate of progression, it will not be long before they will not legally be able to reject the pastorate or Sunday school teacher position to a “qualified” homosexual, who will have the legal ability to successfully sue the church for damages. As they continue to win these court decisions churches may end up with an LGBTQ pastor, who may also wind up owning the Church’s assets. If the Christian community continues to ignore and abdicate their political and national responsibilities to influence and guide the moral course of this nation we will no longer be one nation under God. Will it be acceptable to live in tyranny or will our Clergy step forward and take on the challenge of bringing God back into our schools, government, and everyday lives?

Much of this article can be attributed to Pete Ketcham’s writings.

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