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I Made a Peace Offering; Let’s See if They Will Take It

“A good example of how evil forces can devour righteous men”

Yesterday while I was out, two people came to the front door of my home and served my family with more legal papers from St. Luke’s. The amount of mail and people serving legal papers (whether it be private servers or a sheriff deputy) coming to our home and mailbox is becoming extremely harassing. We are receiving typically at least a ream-sized amounts of papers weekly, many times much more. St. Luke’s CEO, Chris Roth has authorized undefined amounts of funds to the Holland & Hart law firm to overwhelm the court with legal filings, motions and injunctions, seeking to ruin what finances and reputation I have left, (Diego too). There is simply no way I can respond to all the court filing or legal action from St. Luke’s. I was told by an Idaho law firm that it would take at least 3 full time attorneys to respond to Holland & Harts court filings on this case. I am certain St Luke’s must have already accrued hundreds of thousands in attorney fees to pay for such a legal assault, Holland & Hart attorneys are not cheap. If I was to try and respond to every legal document sent to me I would have already cost nearly a hundred thousand dollars in legal fees myself, if not more. On top of that I would be required to spend my entire life organizing a legal defense against St. Luke’s. 

  1. The action from Holland & Hart, led by Eric Stidham is an extreme abuse of the Idaho courts and I am surprised that Judge Lynn Norton has allowed it to go on for this long. The Holland & Hart law firm has a lot of pull and I am certain Judge Norton is intimidated by them and the power they wield in Idaho. After all, Holland & Hart also represents Governor Little, former Speaker of the House Scott Bedke (now Lieutenant Governor) and the most powerful lobbyist group in Idaho, IACI. I don’t envy the position she is in. Nonetheless, the courts should not allow themselves to be manipulated into becoming a tool for powerful people with endless funds trying to crush political enemies. But, when one looks at the history of courts, this type of abuse is a common occurrence. Just read the Bible or a few history books.
  2. Without looking closely into the TWO St Luke’s cases against me (1-CRIMINAL, 1-CIVIL), it may seem a bit confusing in what St. Luke’s executives are trying to do to me. With the CRIMINAL case, St. Luke’s is claiming to be a victim of mine for when I went to their Meridian hospital demanding that they give baby Cyrus back to his parents (see details). The CIVIL case is a lawsuit against Diego (baby Cyrus’ grandfather) and I for speaking out against the actions of St. Luke’s employees, CPS staff and Meridian police officers in taking baby Cyrus (read details). In the CRIMINAL case, I have had no choice but to participate and show up to court or Judge McDevitt will send officers to kick in my door, terrorize my family and hall me off to jail, eventually pronouncing a sentence upon me. The CIVIL case is different, I must bear the cost of the legal defense (if I choose to have one). With the amount of legal preceding coming from Holland & Hart in this case, there is no way I can bear the expense (time or money) to defend myself, nor do I want to spend the next 5 years full-time doing so (I have a family that I must provide for and tend to). 
  3. If Judge Norton does not see what is happening here and chooses not to stop it, eventually, she will grant St. Luke’s executives “punitive damages” and expenses for the massive amount of legal fees that Holland & Hart attorneys have and will accumulate and will order the Gem County Sheriff to take everything I own. Without going into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for legal fees and spending the next several years fighting full-time, there is no way to legally fight against them. This is how the rich & powerful punish those who expose themselves and stand up to them. Remember they took a baby from loving caring parents without true cause and I simply stood for the family exposing the truth (see details). 
  4. So, with all of this going on, yesterday I made a peace offering to St. Luke’s executives and settled the CRIMINAL case outside of court. Agreeing to a fine and a suspended sentence of 90 days jail. I have never done this before, and it is certainly not my style. I prayed and pondered about this move for many days. I did not purger myself and keep this agreement within the moral boundaries that all of us must live by as children of God. This was not an act in fear or desperation. This agreement will become official on Monday, so I will not be having a trial anymore. There is no need for people to come to the courthouse to support me in the trial any longer. Thank you so very much! Now be aware, the judge could reject the agreement and force me to trial, but that is extremely rare and would make her (Judge Annie McDevitt) look even more like the prejudiced judge she is. 
  5. My desire, in all I have done, was never to overturn the courts and make the judges start administering justice as the law prescribes. I never wanted to spend my life fighting in the courts. In fact, after coming home from being in federal prison for two years, never convicted of even one charge, going through two major federal trials, my desire was to never enter a courtroom again. I only wanted then and still today to be left alone. So, making this agreement in the CRIMINAL case is an effort to extend an olive branch to St. Luke’s executives. To show that I simply want to be left alone. That I didn’t just wake up in the middle of the night, drive an hour to one of their hospitals and cause a scene, because I hate them and wanted to cause them trouble. That I did not rally people to peacefully demonstrate outside one of their hospitals, several days in a row, because I despised them or wanted revenge for something. Making this peace offering I pray will serve as another testimony that I have tried from the beginning to only stand for my fellow man and do what is right before God. I pray that this olive branch will be accepted and that all of us can go about our way in peace. 
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5 replies on “I Made a Peace Offering; Let’s See if They Will Take It”

This is an absolute travesty and PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP TO WHAT IS GOING ON!!! Mr. Bundy exposes the Deep State Cabal and their control in Idaho. Mr. Bundy is a good man, a Constitutionalist with ethics and integrity. He is exposing the Deep State. Mr Bundy is a good man and we need to stand with him and support him!

What St Lukes and the Court system (note I do not say Justice system) have done to Ammon Bundy is a travesty. Plus, the 6 month jail sentence to Robert Jones for “disturbing the peace” is absolutely unspeakable. In Idaho there is a prevailing air of injustice and massive violations of Civil Rights. Sarah Brady’s case also comes to mind. The moneyed Leftists and their Maddog attorneys are determined to make examples of anyone who dares question them or stand up to them. A lot more of us need to step up and step out — they can’t put ALL of us in jail.

That’s a huge disappointment, a hospital has enough money to waste on Legal fees to go after a citizen over and over again. Mini- TDS on a smaller scale of what they’re doing to President Trump, and almost everyone who “dared “ to work with him in any capacity. Trying to financially break them. We may disagree with his cause, but targeting is unacceptable, especially coming from a Hospital that’s in the business of helping people. The hospital should be able to adapt, roll with the punches, and move on. They “adapted “ quite well with the Covid emergency, didn’t see them legally going after the federal government mandating the vaccines, and not blink an eye as they fired loyal employees that refused the shots. I guess that pretty much sums up the hospital administration and the Board of directors who put no value on employees or “outsiders “ who they disagree with. Now they are into the Vengeance phase. It’s shameful and sad. Heads up St. Luke’s, use your ill-gotten federal money to help people, purchase new equipment, bring in Religious Leaders to teach classes to Administrators about Compassion, love for your fellow citizens, and how to help the community instead of trying to erase people that don’t fit the partisan mold set by the Federal Government.
Learn to Listen.

The blame for the dysfunctional system in Idaho rests squarely on the voters of Idaho. Brad Little didn’t re-elect himself. Any of your family, friends or neighbors (the sheeple) who didn’t vote for Ammon Bundy are responsible for the condition of the state and all the injustices coming down the line. Make sure they know.
When the state hires Dominion to run our elections (I’m $ure they’re courting Chicken Little et al) thank the sheeple.
When the state moves to ranked voting, like Alaska, thank the sheeple.
When our cities are overrun by junkies and illegal aliens, thank our representatives like Den Hartog, Vander Woude and Monks, and the sheeple who voted for them.
Until your family, friends and neighbors wake up and stop re-electing the same old bureaucrats, the slide into leftism will continue.
Make sure they know.

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