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When Idaho takes Federal Money, there is a Price to be Paid

Why is ARPA money being offered to Idaho? ARPA money is (Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act) and accepting and spending this money threatens Idaho’s sovereignty. Once we take this money we are committed to abide by the federal rules attached to these funds. This is borrowed money by the federal government which will have to be paid back by our children and grandchildren. We want to thank Ron Nate and other conservative members of our legislature for bringing this information to the forefront.

JFAC approved 10 million of ARPA money for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. This funding will be used for a “campaign to increase vaccine confidence. This request is based on a survey that reported that 37% of Idahoans would not get the shot at this time, but that 19% of Idahoans (part of the 37%) might be open to persuasion. 10 million to convince people that these non-vaccines are safe when we are seeing more problems with each passing day as they keep pulling them off the market. I didn’t realize that our department of Health and Welfare were in the business of promoting private vaccines but then but on the other hand an equal amount of these funds can be used for natural health education. It can also be used to promote vitamin supplementation, exercise, and health problems related to non-nutritional foods.

JFAC also approved $40 million of ARPA money for COVID-19 testing recruitment efforts in Idaho public and private schools. This testing while optional is intended to recruit more schools and kids to be tested, and requires consent from the parents. Results are kept private unless they test positive than the results are sent to the Public Health District and the school the child attends. This information should be kept private and parents should be concerned about this. There is not even a plan for how this money is used it is just a grab for the brass ring because it is available.

JFAC approved a FY21 $1,000,000 supplemental appropriation which won’t be spent until FY22, This allows the Director of the Department of Commerce to offset public costs associated with the recruitment of private companies to Idaho. In the past, these funds were used to help Chobani with their sewer system and Costco with a road intersection. It seems that JFAC has money to help private company projects but when it comes to our Lt. Governor they voted to cut her budget by $7,400. That money would have allowed her to keep all of her staff on board till the end of the year. The governor and the leadership fear that this conservative Lady Janice McGeachin will primary Little next year and win. The Senate leadership went so far as to remove her key card access from the senate chambers where she is the presiding officer. She is also the only official that has had to present her budget request to the budget committee twice, allowing members to grill her with additional, inappropriate questions.

Rep. Giddings proposed a motion requesting $4000 to help support the Lt. Governor’s Task Force. To investigate the misuse of K-12 public funds promoting social justice activism and critical race theory in Idaho. Reading the no votes on this request tells us who the real Rhinos are on that committee. Like Senators Lent, Syme, Grow, and Riggs. When you see who voted for the $6 million in federal early childhood learning grant you will find out who the Democrats are that run as Republicans are like Senator Jeff Agenbroad of District 13 whose voting record is one of the worst for republican senators. This man scored a 46% on the freedom Index. I can’t believe that the people of Nampa actually elected this liberal to represent them.

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Tea Party Bob

I think that Idaho lost its sovereignty, as did all states in the union, when the Federal Government made the decision to not back our currency with gold. At first it didn’t seem too bad as people didn’t really understand the implications of what could happen when a government, whose currency is the world reserve currency, had a money printing machine which is in pure violation of many parts of the Constitution. No one knew we would lose our industry and disciplined workers.

The 5th Amendment has a clause called the takings clause which states that the Government can’t take life, liberty or property without due process. Printing money out of thin air, which is what really happens when the Federal Reserve trades cash for bonds printed by the Treasury, or gives member banks cash, is a violation of the takings clause as each dollar printed out of thin air dilutes or takes away the value of the dollars in circulation; value is taken from each citizen without due process.

Since all commerce that takes place in Idaho is totally dependent on US dollars, which are created out of thin air by the power brokers, in contravention of the Constitution, Idaho has no sovereignty, period. All meals eaten each day in Idaho and all states for that matter could not be prepared and served without dollar transactions taking place to allow supply chains to work and deliver those meals to the table.

A money printing machine (which is a euphemism for electronic money, 95 percent of all money), gives the US Government more power over the lives of citizens than even the Monarchs had over the peasants in the middle ages. At least the peasants could hide some of their wealth from the taxman and that hidden wealth could not be destroyed through insane dilution of value as we see today with 10s of trillions of additional cash created with no accompanying wealth creation.

We are only now seeing the tip of the iceberg of what dollar debauchment will do to prices of homes, gas and things we need and use everyday, brought to us by a failed Marxist American Government. The amount of dollars verses the amount of wealth is so out of whack, a destructive readjustment is almost certain.

As the great economist Fredrick Bastiat stated, “There is only one difference between a bad economist and a good one: the bad economist confines himself to the visible effect; the good economist takes into account both the effect that can be seen and those effects that must be foreseen”. Since 1964 total debt in the US has grown from 1 trillion to over 85 Trillion. A trillion here and a trillion there and pretty soon you are talking about real money.

Never in ALL of history has any nation been so far in debt as the US. That statement alone is a huge statement of default tail risk, which means many standard deviations from the norm and should be understood by those with simple high school level statistics.

Free people all over this nation have been played by a bunch of Marxists who have debauched our money. Lenin said “”The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.”
My fellow Americans, that has already been done. Talking about taking money from the Federal Government or not is essentially nothing more than rearranging chairs on the Titanic at this point. We must at this time stop trying to understand our monetary system based on the old, honest ways of commerce; the normalcy bias must be destroyed with the light of rationality which a historical interpretation of currency debauchment gives us.

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