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Nobody is going to tell Brad Little what to do

(Especially not our Legislature)

I have been talking about this on the Kevin Miller Show for two months and finally, someone woke up and did something to effect the possibility of a real link between the value of your home to the property tax exemption. Is Tax Relief in sight for this session? Hard to say at this time, but there is finally a bill that would remove the cap placed on the homeowner’s exemption and allow the homeowner’s exemption to be related to changes in value.

The exemption would be increased by 50% of the median sales price as determined by the annual improved residential ratio study conducted by the Idaho State Tax Commission. This will help residential property owners but will increase property taxes for agricultural and industrial property. The only problem with this bill is that it will raise the taxes for those elitist that run our government like the corporate lobbyists at IACI. Oh and don’t forget Cattle rancher Little, Bedke, and farmer Mike Moyle. If it gets a hearing in the house it has a good chance of passing but when it gets to the senate you can pretty much flush it down the toilet with so many other promises to reduce the tax burden for Idahoans.

While we applaud the efforts of our legislature to pass two bills that would have limited the Governor’s powers, it was all for naught as Governor Little would have none of that and politely vetoed the two bills. If this doesn’t tell you how power hungry this governor is, nothing will. If you would like to read his pitiful excuse for vetoing these bills, you can go to this site prepared by our good friend Diego Rodriguez .

To be sure, Little’s legal beagle Attorney General Wasden wrote and approved this letter as I doubt that Little has even the slightest grasp of what these emergency powers have done to the people of our state. We are not sure that the House and Senate have the votes to override these vetos as we have seen our legislative leadership do everything they could to delay these bills till the end of the session. Little does not want to give up any of his power as he is planning a run for a second term and needs to assert his authority.

I’m not sure what our readers are thinking, but we are hoping for a strong challenger to take on this pirate who closed our state and caused undue harm to more individuals and businesses than we can count.

Little is being counseled by the elitists of Idaho, those captains of industry who are the ones who really run this state and you can be sure they want the governor to retain as much power as possible if they are to achieve their goals of changing our state to a liberal bastion of Wokes. If the people of Idaho haven’t had enough of Littles dictatorial abuses of our constitutional rights just give him another 4 years and he will prove who he really works for and it is not the citizens of Idaho. This man plays a good game by giving in on the bills that will make him look somewhat conservative in the eyes of the voters but deep down he is a Lib at heart. He has said he believes in Climate Change and you can bet after taking billions in federal money he will impose all of the strings that are attached by President Biden’s generosity with our tax dollars. The Dem’s want this state to turn blue just like Colorado did and you can bet this money that our governor took is the road to achieving that goal.

It is time to start thinking about the 2022 elections, people, and start looking for truly conservative candidates who will work in the best interests of the hard working people of Idaho not the best interests of the elitists.

If you love your state, take a good hard look at the voting record of our legislators at the Idaho Freedom Index. Here and let that determine who are the real conservatives are and who are the democrats running as republicans. Only you the citizens of this great state can determine your future by running and electing people who will work to make this the reddest of the red states again. Let us get rid of these phony RINOs in 2022 once and for all.

Remember, “We get the Government We Deserve.”

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There are tens of thousands just like them ready to step into their position once they are gone. The problem is an education problem. We must do a better job of educating people as to why RINOs thinking is destructive to their well being and the well being of the nation. America is losing by a lot to the rest of the developed world, East Asia in particular.

The problems we face today are big picture problems that don’t readily lend themselves to being understood by a population not well grounded in basic economics, geopolitics, or the philosophy/psychology of success. But it is those very problems that are at the basis of virtually all of Idaho’s problems.

The RINOs will destroy the entire Treasure Valley because they can’t conceive what makes the Treasure Valley so special to people trying to get out of the dangerous, dirty, drug infested cities. Truthfully, I don’t think Treasure Valley residents understand what makes their Valley so desirable or if they do they certainly won’t verbalize it.

America today is just not competitive on an international basis. I don’t like saying that but it is the truth. Our economic and financial systems are so out of line with rational, Constitutional norms that we don’t have the ability to do the simple task of reinforcing tens of thousands of compromised bridges. Until people are educated and understand the true nature of our problems, Marxism and Marxist money printing, we will be using a jack hammer on our toe to alleviate a head ache in my opinion.

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