A Resolution & Letter Concerning Idaho’s Health Boards

Dear Concerned Citizens of Idaho,

Attached please find a copy of the resolution I submitted for the South West District Health agenda on April 27, 2021, at 9 a.m.

The email below was sent with the resolution to the Chairman of the board and gives further explanation.

For those of you who do not know me, I am a Commissioner in Adams County and a member of the South West District Health board.

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Please support this effort by sending your comments directly to the commissioners (county emails attached.)

Health boards are to be advisory entities, not governing bodies. Unfortunately, many health boards have morphed over the years into a regulatory regional form of government. Regional government philosophies started in 1935 and today we are seeing the results — elected county officials’ duties are usurped. I have deep concerns with Health district directors following edicts from the Director of the State level Department of Health and Welfare and not the direction of elected county officials (board members.) Changes must be made for the protection of the rights of the citizens.

The rugged individualism that makes America great is ready for a comeback! We must each protect our health, families, and businesses.

Adams County Commissioner Viki Purdy

Chairman Bryan Elliot, Gem Co. 208-477-2019
Kelly Abersturi, Owyhee Co. 208-495-2421
Keri Smith, Canyon Co. 208-454-7507
Georgia Hanigan, Payette Co. 208-642-6000
Lydon Haines, Washington Co. 208-414-2092
Viki Purdy, Adams Co. 208-573-1134
Sam Summers M.D.(appointed physician representative) 208-880-1890

April 9, 2021

Dear Commissioner Elliott,

I am requesting that consideration of the attached resolution be added to the agenda as an action item for our April 27 meeting or sooner should one be called.

A week ago, I was asked to attend a meeting with several influential businessmen in Nampa. These gentlemen want to be able to freely host their summer events. To do so, they need full venues to make them economically feasible and they would like the support of the board of health. My resolution will address where we, as a board, stand. It is by now clear that this virus is no longer simply about public health, but rather is being weaponized to support a political agenda. Those of us in the agriculture world know that eliminating our western culture, and in particular rodeos, has long been an agenda item for socialists. We cannot allow Idaho’s culture to be canceled ever again.

I do not believe it is fair to Dr. Zogg and her staff to put them in a position where they are expected to do what elected officials should be doing. She was hired by the board but also answers to Mr. Jeppensen at the Department of Health and Welfare. She is in a very precarious position.

Much larger states are completely open and are doing just fine. Idaho’s businesses are still working at 50% capacity or less. I have spoken with several restaurant owners and they would like clear direction. They are suffering and spiraling into ever-increasing debt. Property taxes are unchanged and remain due, even though revenues have been cut in half. The CDC’s guidelines are killing our businesses and are simply unneeded.

While we, as a board, may have not forced recommendations or imposed mandates, the citizens simply aren’t getting that message. While we may not be able to change what the state does, we can show these fine gentlemen that we are willing to give them the much-needed support they are seeking from us.

Standing up for, and protecting the rights of, our citizens is our primary duty. That is why we were elected.

Adams County Commissioner Viki Purdy

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