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Turning Right with Trump at the Wheel

In the words of our Vice President Mike Pence, “I think from a conservative perspective, we accomplished more thanks to President Trump’s leadership than has been accomplished in more than a generation. Looking back seven years ago to when I first joined the Tea Party and became an activist, it is hard for me to imagine that we have come to the point of transformation back to conservative values with the election of Donald Trump as president.

What the Bundy dismissal shows us is that we can change our circumstances and we can take back control of our government, but we must be vigilant in our dedication to stopping the ever-growing threat of overreach from our elected officials and the bureaucracy that they have installed to run our government.

If it were not for people like Kevin Miller and the many other conservative talk show hosts giving the people of this country an opportunity to speak out, patriots like the Bundy’s would still be locked tightly in federal prison fighting for their freedom from government oppression.

We should all remember that we can only have the freedoms bestowed upon us by our forefathers because of those that are in the forefront of being citizen activists as they are the ones who hold our public officials accountable for their actions. Being informed is not just a right but an obligation of every American and we all know that is not easy in a world where the liberal media rules with “Fake News” everywhere in their newspapers and on the airwaves.

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As a nation of free people, it is a constant battle to maintain our God-given freedoms and they can only be maintained when people like Kevin and others in conservative media step into the forefront and bring out the truth. Mr. Miller was criticized heavily for his trip to report on the Bundy’s, but he went and brought back to his listeners the truth about what was happening and we should all be appreciative of what he did. The Gem State Patriot would like to personally thank all of the legislators of Idaho who took the initiative to stand up and sign the letter to free the Bundy’s and a special thanks to Congressman Labrador who took the time to hand deliver the letter Attorney General Sessions.

As for those who did not see fit to sign this letter, let’s hope that they are all replaced in the 2018 election.

The time has come for change and it is up to you the people to make sure we don’t allow ourselves to slide back into the complacency of allowing government to take over our lives.

May God Bless America but as I always say, “We Get the Government We Deserve”.

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