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Truth and Facts Will Win The Day—Eventually

There is a common thread that runs through the thinking of liberals when it comes to issues as disparate as sexual harassment and Covid vaccinations. Neither deductive nor inductive constructs in logic underpin their arguments. The ideas of “due process” and the “scientific method” require a discipline in thinking and subsequent actions based on those principles which have been described as “first instances” by legal scholars and scientists—and theologians and ethicists.

Liberals try to make the evidence fit a narrative and many times that narrative has a political antecedent that negates the process of finding the truth. The more they present an argument, the more people that don’t question their logic and their premise, the more a lazy media and press fail to do their own due diligence, the more likely the “great mob” will believe what they have to say. Listening to the evening news is like listening to the drum solo of “In a Godda Da Vida”. Listening to the constant beat of the drum makes it impossible to forget no matter if you like the beat or not—I actually have the aforementioned drum solo memorized so that when I am in a group of people listening to the evening news or when I am at a sports bar listening to the ESPN info- babes and guys opine about social justice and CRT or Covid protocols, I play the solo repeatedly in my head thus canceling out the Pablum being presented as editorial opinion or worse yet—fact.

I agree with those who believe that the Governor Cuomo sexual harassment story may just be a big smoke screen covering the sins of both the executive and legislative branches of government in NY State. Remember that early in the “pandemic” legislation was passed in many States indemnifying government from the actions of various agencies and departments from liability for adverse clinical outcomes. What happened to nursing home patients and many elderly patients was malpractice but the legal “standards of care” and standards of medical practice” were suspended via emergency orders making everyone under the cover of “government agency” not responsible or liable.

“EMERGENCY ORDERS’ in many States gave this umbrella protection from liability to not only politicians, but health departments, and those sitting under the cover of government. I do not know the implications of the Idaho Emergency Order and existing Idaho Law in this regard, but it would be worth looking at.

What happened on the administrative Public Health level with the Covid-19 so called pandemic was that the experts started out on the wrong side of the “science”. They believed that an air-borne, respiratory virus that was easily transmittable from human to human and that had more than one animal host, could be contained with type II mitigation strategies and with vaccines. There has only been one virus in the history of modern medicine that has ever been “eradicated(almost) and that is smallpox, and it has no animal host—cow-pox is a close cousin, and it is a DNA virus and the process of attenuation and manufacturing fragments is actually less problematic than with RNA viruses. The science behind masks—except the N-95, was well established and incontrovertible in the medical and engineering literature—OSHA publications defining pore size in masks and particle size were well known to the public health community pre pandemic, but when they didn’t fit the political narrative, we started receiving “mixed signals” and the media jumped on board.

Very little is being reported on by the press about the treatment breakthroughs being made in the treatment of Covid-19 including the D-variant and its 5 subtypes. The most recent data available on the D-variant comes from Massachusetts. As of Sunday the average age of death from the D-variant in that State is 84! Younger people are still transmitting the virus and developing symptoms, but they are not dying “En Masse” as the news media has been implying with their slanted reporting.

There are legitimate concerns about the side effects and even deaths from the vaccine, and Idaho has recently reported its vaccine data. It is important when evaluating such data that the proper context is provided to the public. Deaths in Idaho from the vaccine, if we are to believe the numbers are less than 1/100,000, which seems high to me and may be unacceptable if real—or not when compared against primary Covid deaths themselves. This evaluation requires some scholarship and currently Dr. Hahn is the only person with the qualifications and who possesses the knowledge set to evaluate the numbers. May I suggest that Dr. Ryan Cole also has similar credentials and should be part of the team evaluating the disease and the response? If the number is accurate then we should have seen 15 deaths in our State by now. We need to look at preexisting situations where hyper immune states could have preceded the administration of the vaccine—previous exposure with positive antibodies, previous vaccinations with positive antibodies, people with pre-existing causes for elevated D-dimer levels etc. People with other conditions may have received the vaccine—died and then it has been assumed that they died from the vaccine, when in fact they were a heavy smoker with diabetes and heart disease. Let’s not make the same mistake we made by attributing death to the virus by attributing the death to the vaccine when there may be other operative causes in play.

I would like to see some Morbidity and Mortality data from the hospitals that compare various treatment regimens from groups of patients presenting at various stages of the disease process. Patients in the early stages of the disease being identified who may benefit from hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, or Ivermectin, or are outpatients being treated with “Z-Packs” or similar antibacterial therapies to fight against bronchopneumonia—an often-primary sited cause of death in Covid patients, need to be looked at critically and scientifically by people capable of evaluating the data—including autopsy reports.

Trying to justify a political narrative, with fake news and fake scientific reasoning or by denying access to processes like the scientific method or legal due process exposes the true character and lack of virtue of those propagating such “Poppy-cock”. In an earlier age they would have been called LIARS. In any age if not called out they will always do more harm than good.

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