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People and Power/Sameness or Liberty

When I ask liberal progressives to point to one single policy or law that they have advocated for in the past 10 years that has made the United States stronger , better, and made life more fulfilling—they prefer the word “easier” but there is a big difference, for our citizens they immediately point to the Affordable Care Act—Obama Care. But has that been successful and who has benefited? Prior to its implementation we had 46 million people who didn’t have health insurance. Today we have an estimated 28-30 million people who are uncovered. Who has benefited from all this? The American people or large corporations and insurance companies and hospital systems? In Idaho almost 100,000 people are receiving subsidized health insurance, some with incomes of over $100,000. Idaho’s two largest hospital systems have almost $2billion of revenue per year and receive almost $1billion of transfer payments from the Feds and State governments every year.

During the recent pandemic—18months they have received $458million of Covid funds—and there is more to come. Employers and those in the individual market have seen their insurance premiums rise, and after 10 years only begin to stabilize. Co-pays and deductibles are still going up. Promised improvement in outcomes have yet to be documented. You can keep your doctor and you can keep your plan—you decide for yourself. The promises of Obama Care remain unfulfilled. Command and Control economic solutions—totalitarian solutions to economic problems are not about improving the lives of citizens and patients. They are about power and the consolidation of capital into the hands of a few. These policies are not about improving the people’s lives, but like all socialist progressive policies, they are about making life easier for the political and economic elite.

Thank God in four years Mr. Trump uplifted our military readiness back into a position of indisputable strength, but now Mr. Biden and his Hollywood—corporate, crony Generals and Admirals most of whom have never seen combat, are fast undoing the progress of improving moral, upgrading training and improving equipment that the previous Trump administrated initiated. Military power in the hands of corporate syncopates and puppets sounds much like the corporate militarism of pre-World War II fascist Italy and Germany.

Anywhere a Democratic mayor or governor is in charge the communities under their purview are worse off. The recent $1.7billion “infrastructure” package that had only 1/5 of allocated monies going to infrastructure, sends money disproportionately to these “Blue States” and communities. Our Idaho Republican Senators voted for this legislation. Will much of this go to shore up government employee pension funds like what happened twice—once under Bush and once under Obama with “stimulus monies”?

The single biggest “government taking” from the middle class is going on right now even as our middle class is shrinking. The increased price at the gas pump—almost has doubled while the price per barrel that producers charge has gone up 45%. I wonder if our two Senators from Idaho who voted for the infrastructure plan even drive their own cars while they are in Washington—Mr. Crapo I have been told has a private driver to take him back and forth to the capital from his bachelor pad. Think of it as a “Biden gas tax”. After shutting down exploration of Federal Lands, yesterday Mr. Biden asked OPEC to increase production! How would you describe that—capitulation and graveling?

C.S. Lewis in SCREWTAPE written in 1941, opined that penal taxes and the destruction of education are designed on purpose for the liquidation of the middle class, the class who are prepared to save and spend time and capital to educate their children. Now as it was in 1941 it is the middle class that gives to humanity the overwhelming majority of scientists, jurists, physicians, poets, authors, theologians and philosophers. Penal taxes and the destruction of our educational institutions I believe is a well thought out process and purposeful. Last week the governor of Oregon announced that standardized tests and educational waypoints for students in math, science and English were going to be eliminated in the name of “equity”. The infiltration of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Marxist ideas of “equity” have replaced concepts of equal opportunity and equality before the law.

These ideas were addressed thousands of years ago by the ancient Greeks. Herodotus and Aristotle both wrote about the great King Lucious Tarquinius who was approached in a field of poppies by an envoy from his son. His son who had just come into great power wanted to inquire about how he could keep and increase his power. Tarquinius then took a sword and cut a great swath across the head of all the poppies making them all equal in height. The lesson the envoy was to convey to the great ruler’s son was to eliminate all men who rose above others and make all the men—represented by the stalks “equal” in size. People who seek power and want to secure power aren’t interested in creating great men and women. They want to cut us off and make us all equal. They are only interested in control and power. They aren’t even interested in the people they say they want to help.

Where are our great men and women today? We need great people to lead our corporations, churches, schools, military, and government. Today it seems that “We the People” are being led by a people who have been educated and risen to power from the troughs of the great “Mediocratic” as opposed to a meritocracy. We are a great people who deserve great moral leaders, not a bunch of poppies whose heads have been chopped of in the name of sameness and equality.

There is much evil in the world today disguised under a philosophy of “sameness”—democracy and equality in the diabolical sense. There has been a trick played on society C. S. Lewis concludes when the ideas of sameness, social justice, communalism, and socialism, are confused with the ideals of political Democracy and Republicanism. This confusion—purposeful on the part of liberals and progressives, “is the finest instrument we could possibly have for extirpating political Democratic {Republics} from the face of the earth.”

I would also like to add “RINOism” to the list of evil political philosophies under the heading of “sameness”— or are they just little tempters disguised as lemmings?

MAGA “Fight Like Hell”

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