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President Trump will Deliver Hope and Change – Not just Promise it

President Trump gave a message of hope at the RNC convention, a message that rings clear with the marvels of our country and the people who helped make it great throughout history. He spoke of a bright future for all its citizens filled with opportunity for anyone who is willing to grab for that brass ring. He spoke of how our country is blessed by God and talked about the many great achievements made for generations. The American dream is here for anyone who would like to avail themselves of the opportunities available to those who dream of great things. He also asked the most important question of the night.

How can the Democratic Party expect to lead our country when it spends so much time tearing down our country? He once again brought God into the picture speaking of our country’s future. Whatever you might think of President Trump’s past you must admit that he has changed and shown that he is not only a great leader but someone who will work for the people of America. He has made this country great again in spite of all the obstacles that have been put in his path and we should be glad that he is in charge because the alternative is unacceptable.

In recent months, we have been given a glimpse of what will happen should the democrats take over the governing of our country. The left has reared its ugly head and declared the inner cities their domain as anarchy prevails throughout much of urban America. We have seen law enforcement officers beaten and spat on while government officials seem to be afraid to stand up and bring the full force of the law upon those who are rioting, looting, and burning our cities. These radical groups who pretend to stand for those who have been oppressed are nothing more than a bunch of thugs bought and paid for by organizations committed to tearing our country down.

Armed with millions from corrupt antagonists such as George Soros they roam our streets destroying everything in their path while the elected leaders of these places bend to their wishes and defund the very law enforcement that was put in place to keep the rule of law. The police have been defending the innocent citizens from the atrocities perpetrated by these mobs of criminals but alas they are being inhibited from taking the actions necessary to arrest and prosecute these activists of Antifa and BLM.

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While Americans purchase firearms at a rate never before seen we must wonder if there will at some point be an armed conflict between law-abiding citizens and these left-wing anarchists. The left sees that a Trump victory will bring much of their efforts to a halt so the rhetoric from the news media continues to be complicit in these atrocities that are taking place throughout our country. What the left doesn’t see is for all of their rioting and complaining about injustices it is waking up more democrats to the fact that their party has taken a giant step out of bounds and into a quagmire of hate for anything that is or was good in this country.

They talk about historical injustices to the Black people of America throughout history but what they never reveal is that they were very much responsible for many of the problems we have today. It started with trying to make us believe that slavery was responsible for the problems we have today and have asked for restitution while they continue to support the very system of welfare that have been responsible for keeping the black community in poverty. According to the Census Bureau, Only 38.7 Percent of African-American Minors Live with Both Parents and our welfare system aids this problem with their rules on who can collect social welfare.

Since the beginning of the Great Society program initiated by President Lyndon Johnson, the government has poured Billions into programs that were supposed to eliminate poverty, and indeed it did help in bringing down poverty levels but at what cost? Education was supposed to be the key to much of this program but what happened? Head Start had harmful effects on behavior and peer relations has cost $240 billion since its inception in 1965 and has had little to no impact on parenting practices, or the cognitive, social-emotional, and health outcomes of participants. Scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) have changed little since the early 1970s.

The current gap in learning between students from the highest 10 percent and lowest 10 percent of the income distribution is roughly four years of learning – the same as it was when Johnson launched his War on Poverty. Today the federal government originates and services 90% of student loans while tuition at public universities has increased 213% since 1987. Currently, Americans hold $1.6 trillion in student loan debt while 44% of those with degrees are in jobs that do not require them.

What is worse about our education system is the positions as professors have been slowly filled by many extreme leftists who have been indoctrinating our children with falsehoods about our country and our society for the past 60 years. We now have a large group of young people who have become the zealots of this indoctrination. We are witnessing the fruits of our intervention into the education system which became a virus that continues to infect our children who have become victims of our education system. We have created a problem that has finally shown up as the radical left who want to upend our country into something they have been taught in our education system.

While I believe this can be rectified over time it is certainly going to be a challenge more politically than educationally. Our system of education needs to be changed from a one size fits all to a matter of choice by the parents. When the parents were in charge many decades ago through participation in picking school curriculum and involving themselves with the process we saw a different result. We need to get rid of education by the government for the benefit of the teachers and get back to benefiting the children. If you give parents the opportunity to opt out of government-run education systems I assure you that we will see a different outcome in the product our schools will produce.

Trump needs to be given four more years to help rectify this situation and bring our education system to one that has more concern for the students than for the teachers who through their unions have been a big part of the problem for too many years. I do believe he will win the election in November as the people of America look at the past four years of his leadership because even through all of the adversity he faced he has continued to perform as a president who only wants the best for our country and its people.

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2 replies on “President Trump will Deliver Hope and Change – Not just Promise it”

Dear Bob. Well said. I in this case completely agree with what you have said. And I fully back President Trump for re-election.
Dear Ted. I used your nincompoop quote in one of my comments. We are trapped by a morally degenerating society. I however am not trapped. I am an ambassador to Christ. However His kingdom reigns in the hearts of us who believe now. His kingdom has not fully com yet.
It is clear we need to return to God.
Our government is based on Old Testament governing guidelines.
This “Un Godly” two party system is all we have.
Your measures are taken out of context and not properly applied to our constitutional form of Government.
The choice today is clearer than ever and equally as old. The battle between Good and Evil. It’s a vote for yes America or no America. Yes/trump/acknowledgment and endorser of God/freedom/life/ equal opportunity(gooder) if I might say or No/Biden/Marxism/lovers of death and abortion/less freedom/ more restrictive regulation/haters of America as founded and equal outcome. These are just tipping the ice burg of coarse.
When it comes to men it is always the lesser of two evils.
Of coarse this is no full endorsement of the Republican Party that is leaving and ignoring its constituents quite often to enrich them selves, grab power, and dig in deep for long term control. I am Christian first but also Republican…. Whether or not most that call them selves are adhering to our platform or not.
New era!!!!! The Trump rebranding of republicanism.
For such a time as this I would rather be “trapped” by Trump who obviously loves and fights for America. Until I go to my future Home to live with Christ.
I’ll stand my ground here.
No one is perfect.
Long live the Republic.
May more Godly men lead us in the future and the nation return to God.

President Trump has kept more promises than any previous presidents have done. He has done it amid the most virulent opposition any president has ever had to deal with. For those who look upon his human frailties. We all have fallen short of the mark somewhere. Of any who have walked upon this earth, only Jesus was the perfect One. Today’s world politics requires a strong street fighter. A nice polite delicately speaking person will be bulldozed over along with us Americans and the people of the world that America assists. We are electing a president, not a pastor.

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