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Little at His Worst

I see great disappointment with Governor Little and the recent actions he has taken to grab power in the face of an emergency. He has run roughshod over our legislature and eliminated any participation by the people in the governing of our state by not allowing our elected representatives to voice the people’s concern for his emergency orders. These orders have put thousands out of work, cost many the loss of their businesses and done untold damage to many families in our state. He has usurped our legislators in the disbursement of over one billion in federal aid given to our state and decided he and his cronies know how best to distribute this money. He and his lobbyist advisors have already allocated 70% of these funds without any input from our elected representatives.

We have people in nursing homes who have not seen their loved ones in months and suicides have almost doubled since this emergency started compared to past years. This man has caused so much fear and damage to the people of Idaho in five months that it will take years to assess it. He says that the elected county commissioners are making the health care mandates when in truth it is the medical bureaucrats that are running the show and most of the commissioners are just following their lead. Anyone who votes for this man in the 2022 election is either a fool or on the state payroll and afraid of losing their job.

I have been talking and writing about the corruption in our state for years. Just look at the history under our previous governor Otter while Little was Lt. Governor. Let’s revisit the Wi-Fi scandal costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, or the Corrections Corp. of America scandal that charged the state for thousands of hours of overtime and kept prisoners past their time for probation. Corruption has been going on quietly in Idaho for over 15 years. Idaho is not run by the people but by corrupt lobbyists.

The special session was a joke and only for the benefit of those in power and the lobbyists like IACI who support and oversee this administration. Little should resign his position after this unbelievable act of anarchy against the people of our state. He has appointed himself commander and chief of Idaho with no input permitted from those in the legislature except for the cronies who support him. Little has shown his true colors as a former chairman of IACI and needs to be reeled in like an angry steelhead who bit on the corruption hook of lobbyist’s money. This emergency has caused more hardship and deaths than the virus itself. He created this emergency to further advance his power and control while reaping the harvest of the government covid money. This is what happens when the voters are fed massive amounts of misinformation during an election campaign. Little is a corrupt elitist who has his hand in the state piggy bank feathering his nest by taking care of the lobbyists who helped get him elected.

We saw up close and personal what happens when as Governor goes rogue and asserts his power through law enforcement. We saw it at the capitol as they allowed a limited amount of people into the capitol building to participate in the special session committee hearings which were rigged from the beginning. Fortunately for the people, we still have a house of representatives that is largely conservative and passed a resolution to end this state of emergency which now has gone on for 6 months. Unfortunately, the Senate is not conservative and refused to vote on the resolution since our Attorney general stepped in and said it would be unconstitutional to end the governor’s emergency power at this special session. AG Wasden is another politician who needs to be voted out of office in the 2022 election as he is nothing more than a rubber stamp for this and the previous administration.

If you want to take your state back from the crony politicians and the lobbyists you are going to have to work really hard over the next 2 years and remember how these elected officials of our state ran over the public with a steamroller. We need to curtail their power and increase the power of our legislators so that this will never happen again. We the people must stand up and be counted by contacting our legislators and making sure that they are doing our bidding and not the governors or the lobbyists.

There were many critics who came out against Ammon Bundy saying he was only seeking his 15 seconds of fame and he only cares about the publicity. I will tell you that Ammon Bundy is not a man looking for fame but one of the few who are helping organize the people to stop the tyranny being perpetrated by the current administration. Bundy does not seek attention for himself but draws attention to how bad Little and his cronies are and how they are destroying our state. I say to anyone who would criticize this man to walk a mile in his shoes before you condemn him. He had the guts to stand up to the administration—to get the necessary recognition for the protests that went on at the capital. What have you done to help the cause???

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On Little at His Worst.
It is true that Little is acting as Chairman of the Idaho Board and Commander in Chief and needed to have been recalled. The legislature failed their constituents as well. Rep Harris’s Resolution was the only bright spot of the reconvened session. However, I place fault in every Representative that was not on the “active” house committees and the entire Senate. They all had the time, yet no desire, to discover what a layman and prospective [X] Write in: DAN ROSE (LD 1B) candidate observed.
Article III, section 27(2) permitted the legislature to make and vote on Harris’s Resolution HCR001, under the “admit undue delay clause.” You’ll note the AG never commented on this part of the Constitution, because it didn’t fit the Governor’s Agenda. Before the Legislature Adjourned it needed to add this clause to the HCR001 to assume their rightful legislative authority as a separate and co-equal branch of state government.
Also finding fault in allowing the County Clerks to open absentee ballots up to seven days prior to the vote count is not much different than “insider-trading” scheme awaiting activation. I’d prefer to wait days for an election result having maximum election integrity, than allow unscrupulous and prying eyes to see voted ballots. Additionally, public schools should not have been given immunity, they are working in partnership with the health districts!
For these three reasons the legislature should have handed Gov. Little only the Bill that allows for physical poll voting and a defeat on everything else. But courage and attention to the will of the base of the Republican Party was lost equally by the legislature.

I totally agree with all that was said. I was very disappointed with our Senate. I even contacted the legislator for my district to find out how and why she voted against ending the state of emergency. She told me that constitutionally even if they had voted yes it still wouldn’t have ended. Now, it sounds like that is not really the case. I would like to hear follow up on this. Is there anything else we the people can do to get Little out before 2022? Thank you.

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