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Time to Engage the Woke

The concept of charity and lending a helping hand has a Biblical basis in Christian-Judeo theology. Helping the poor in the new and Old Testament was a covenant act between giver and receiver to which God is a party. “What you do unto the least of my brothers you do unto me” and “Do unto others…”. The parable of the good Samaritan where Jesus lends a hand to the outcast traveler after he had been beaten and robbed, and after the Levite and Jewish Priest had turned their back to him shows us that we all share the burdens of all our brothers and sisters irrespective of race (Samaritans were considered outcasts at the time of the parable). When Nancy Pelosi told Wolf Blitzer in a heated interview that “I feed the poor”, talking about government programs she showed us that government transfer payments in her mind discharge her responsibility to personally help the marginalized. She would do well to remember “Render unto Caesar…”

Building a road or a legion of soldiers is not an act of charity. By facilitating the transfer of individual wealth and labor she is not a participant in a Covenant relationship to which God is a party. By allowing millions of undocumented people to come over our border without reconciling issues of health, criminal status, the ability to make a living in a foreign country, she is orchestrating chaos while disrespecting the people who will pay the cost of that chaos. People in border towns in Texas, ranchers and the citizens of small towns have seen crime rise, and their families put in harm’s way because of programs orchestrated by an elite social ruling class who as Richard Davis Hansen says, “are never subject to the ramifications of their own ideology”.

Dr. Hansen also notes: “They know they are guilty of living apartheid-segregated lives and existences”. They live in communities like Malibu, Martha’s Vineyard, Aspen, Swarthmore, Upper Arlington, Shaker Heights, and Alamo Heights and a thousand other socially segregated communities across the country. In previous articles, I have identified a form of transference—the transference of guilt. These people who call Trump supporters “racist” don’t want to change the way they live their lives. They tell us we don’t need a wall on the border, but they have walls around their own houses in Georgetown, Hollywood, and Pacific Heights. They tell us we don’t need guns to protect ourselves, yet they arrange for their own private security teams to be well armed. Very few of their communities have absorbed large number of illegal immigrants. The burden for their medical care, education, and providing for the necessities of living are responsibilities they transfer to others. They want us to feel guilty for our white privilege and they want us to bear the burden of our great sin slavery. At the same time, they want us to turn our backs on the killing of little baby boys and baby girls—80million who have been sacrificed mostly on the altar of “choice”.  Comparing the sin of slavery and the sin of abortion is impossible. By asking for God’s Grace and forgiveness and understanding that there is no sin greater than His Grace is the only way we can move to better places in our souls and in our lives on earth.

Progressive liberals in both political parties don’t want to change. By virtue signaling and expressing abstract notions of empathy and sympathy, they substitute words for acting and participating in a process that will help people. As they say, “true charity is a contact sport”. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day (and make yourself feel a sense of false virtue)…teach a man to fish and you feed him for life( but that takes time and work).

The “woke left” have been engaged in a cultural war for years. They have disrupted families, churches, schools, and universities. Institutions and corporations have lost their moral groundings and paid “tribute” to the false idols of “wokeness” CRT and Black Lives Matter. Their purpose is not to make lives better for people living on the margins. Their message is never uplifting. They desire to divide us. Their goal is to consolidate power for the sake of political control. We need to call them out as Mike Pence did recently.

“Truth is, many on the woke left have been spending years trying to agitate for a culture war; looks like they might just get one — and they’re going to lose it,” he concluded.

To win the cultural war conservative Christians must be willing to engage. Our opponent is better organized and better funded than we are. Another Great Awakening of everyday working American families could win the day in 2022 and 2024, but we must get in the game. It is all up to us.

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You are asleep rather than awoke. The guy you called Richard Davis Hansen instead is Victor Davis Hanson. See:!

And, when you mentioned Upper Arlington (Ohio), I recalled your saying in 2019 that was where you played high school football:

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